100 cách để nói “I love you” trong tiếng anh


Có ai nhắc dùm ad mai là ngày gì mà ngoài đường bán hoa với chocolate rần rần không nhỉ :v

Một năm chỉ có một ngày để thổ lộ với người ấy thôi đấy, nhanh mà chớp cơ hội đi nha <3

Thời đại này mà nói “I love you” nữa thì chán thôi rồi ấy, cô tặng các bạn 100 cách khác để tha hồ mà lựa luôn nhé < 3


1 I love you truly, madly, deeply

2 Take me, I’m yours


4 You rock my world

5 I adore you

6 I’m blinded by your beauty

7 I am lost without you

8 I fancy the pants off you

9 You own my heart

10 I want a lifetime with you

11 I dreamt of a love like this

12 I finally understand the meaning of love songs

13 I love you more than chocolate

14 Our love is epic

15 Me & you, together forever

16 I will always share the remote


18 I’m nuts about you

19 You are my perfect match

20 I thought soul mates only existed in movies

21 You’re the one for me

22 You complete me

23 My heart skips a beat every time I think of you

24 I’m stuck on you

25 I need your love

26 You make me want to be a better person

27 I am lovingly yours

28 I’m head over heels for you

29 You are the sprinkles on the best sundae

30 I treasure you

31 You are my best friend

32 I <3 U

33 I wanna hold your hand and never let go

34 You make me whole

35 I spell love Y.O.U.

36 You are my inspiration

37 I love every day I get to spend with you

38 I’m a fool for you

39 I love your smile

40 You are the love of my life

41 You hold the key to my heart

42 I wanna love you every day and every night

43 I love you to pieces

44 You are the best thing that ever happened to me

45 I’m yours forever

47 You make my knees go weak

48 I love you endlessly

49 You’re my sweet babboo

50 My heart is yours to keep

51 I love you to the moon and back

52 You put the happily in my ever after

53 You light up my life

54 I cherish you

55 Today, tomorrow and every day after – I am yours

56 You’re my lobster

57 If I could choose again and again, I’d still choose you

58 You are perfect

59 I’m crazy about you, baby

60 I love you more than milk loves cookies

61 I love you more than my iPad

62 I never believed that dreams come true until I met you

63 You are my one and only love

64 Honey, you are my sweetest thing

65 You make the butterflies in my stomach go crazy

66 Loving you is the easiest thing

67 You are never far from my mind, you are forever in my heart

68 You are my sun and stars

69 I only have eyes for you

70 You make my heart skip a beat

71 As you wish

72 You’re the only one for me

73 You mean the world to me

74 You make me believe in soul mates

75 Hold me forever

76 My love for you is eternal

77 You are irresistible

78 I’m wild about you

79 You make my heart happy

80 I thank God every day for making YOU

81 You are the greatest gift on earth

82 You are my cup of tea

83 My life was empty until I met you

84 I love you more than bacon

85 My heart beats only for you

86 Our love can conquer anything

87 Keep calm, my heart belongs to you

88 Be mine forever

89 I love you with all that I am

90 You make my life whole

91 You are my happily ever after

92 Every day is special because I get to spend it with you

93 You take my breath away

94 I love you beyond measure

95 You’re my boo

96 I’m batty about you

97 You’ve stolen my heart

98 We were made for each other

99 Be my Valentine forever and a day

100 I love you