1000 Phrasal Verbs Band 7 IELTS

Hot…Hot…Hot… Không còn nổi lo sợ hết từ nữa. Hôm nay, Cô sẽ chia sẽ cho các em các Phrasal Verbs cực hay cho IELTS. Đây sẽ là 1 hành trang cực kì hữu ích cho kì thi sắp tới nhé. Từ vựng Cô phân nghĩa lẫn ví dụ kèm theo nhé, nên đây sẽ 1 tài liệu tổng hợp cho mọi nhu cầu cho các em luôn đó. Với Phrasal verb, ngoài những từ hôm nay cô giới thiệu đến các em, Phrasal verb with Call là bài giảng các em không nên bỏ qua. Đây là các phrasal verb các em sẽ gặp với tần suất thường xuyên và để tránh trường hợp “bí” nghĩa của từ đó thì hãy nhớ xem ngay bài chia sẻ trên sau khi hoàn thành bài giảng hôm nay nha.


ask somebody out invite on a date Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a movie.
ask around ask many people the same question asked around but nobody has seen my wallet.
add up tosomething equal Your purchases add up to $205.32.
backsomething up reverse You’ll have to back up your car so that I can get out.
backsomebody up support My wife backed me up over my decision to quit my job.
blow up explode The racing car blew up after it crashed into the fence.
blowsomething up add air We have to blow 50 balloons up for the party.
break down stop functioning (vehicle, machine) Our car broke down at the side of the highway in the snowstorm.
break down get upset The woman broke down when the police told her that her son had died.
break something down divide into smaller parts Our teacher broke the final project down into three separate parts.
break in force entry to a building Somebody broke in last night and stole our stereo.
break into something enter forcibly The firemen had to break into the room to rescue the children.
break something in wear something a few times so that it doesn’t look/feel new I need to break these shoes in before we run next week.
break in interrupt The TV station broke in to report the news of the president’s death.
break up end a relationship My boyfriend and I broke up before I moved to America.
break up start laughing (informal) The kids just broke up as soon as the clown started talking.
break out escape The prisoners broke out of jail when the guards weren’t looking.
break out in something develop a skin condition broke out in a rash after our camping trip.
bring somebody down make unhappy This sad music is bringing me down.
bring somebody up raise a child My grandparents brought me up after my parents died.
bring something up start talking about a subject My mother walks out of the room when my father brings up sports.
bring something up vomit He drank so much that he brought his dinner up in the toilet.
call around phone many different places/people We called around but we weren’t able to find the car part we needed.
call somebody back return a phone call called the company back but the offices were closed for the weekend.
call something off cancel Jason called the wedding off because he wasn’t in love with his fiancé.
call on somebody ask for an answer or opinion The professor called on me for question 1.
call on somebody visit somebody We called on you last night but you weren’t home.
call somebody up phone Give me your phone number and I will call you up when we are in town.
calm down relax after being angry You are still mad. You need to calm down before you drive the car.
not care for somebody/ something not like (formal) I don’t care for his behaviour.
catch up get to the same point as somebody else You’ll have to run faster than that if you want to catch up with Marty.
check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport We will get the hotel keys when we check in.
check out leave a hotel You have to check out of the hotel before 11:00 AM.
check somebody/ something out look at carefully, investigate The company checks out all new employees.
check out somebody/ something look at (informal) Check out the crazy hair on that guy!
cheer up become happier She cheered up when she heard the good news.
cheer somebody up make happier I brought you some flowers to cheeryou up.
chip in help If everyone chips in we can get the kitchen painted by noon.
clean something up tidy, clean Please clean up your bedroom before you go outside.
come across something find unexpectedly came across these old photos when I was tidying the closet.
come apart separate The top and bottom come apart if you pull hard enough.
come down with something become sick My nephew came down with chicken pox this weekend.
come forward volunteer for a task or to give evidence The woman came forward with her husband’s finger prints.
come from some place originate in The art of origami comes from Asia.
count on somebody/ something rely on I am counting on you to make dinner while I am out.
cross something out draw a line through Please cross out your old address and write your new one.
cut back on something consume less My doctor wants me to cut back onsweets and fatty foods.
cut something down make something fall to the ground We had to cut the old tree in our yard down after the storm.
cut in interrupt Your father cut in while I was dancing with your uncle.
cut in pull in too closely in front of another vehicle The bus driver got angry when that car cut in.
cut in start operating (of an engine or electrical device) The air conditioner cuts in when the temperature gets to 22°C.
cut something off remove with something sharp The doctors cut off his leg because it was severely injured.
cut something off stop providing The phone company cut off our phone because we didn’t pay the bill.
cut somebody off take out of a will My grandparents cut my father offwhen he remarried.
cut something out remove part of something (usually with scissors and paper) cut this ad out of the newspaper.
do somebody/ something over beat up, ransack (BrE, informal) He’s lucky to be alive. His shop was done over by a street gang.
do something over do again (AmE) My teacher wants me to do my essay over because she doesn’t like my topic.
do away with something discard It’s time to do away with all of these old tax records.
do something up fasten, close Do your coat up before you go outside. It’s snowing!