69 phrasal verbs cần phải học ngay

Chắc hẳn các bạn cũng biết Phrasal Verbs là một trong những cấu trúc ngữ pháp quan trọng trong tiếng Anh phải không? Nếu là một fan của film hay đọc sách báo tiếng anh, thì các bạn ắt hẳn sẽ bắt gặp người bản ngữ rất hay dùng các Phrasal Verbs để diễn đạt ý nghĩ, lời nói thay vì chỉ sử dụng duy nhất 1  động từ phải không nào?

Vậy Phrasal Verbs là gì? Phrasal verbs được cấu thành bởi 1 động từ (verb) và 1 giới từ (preposition). Tùy từng động từ sẽ có đại từ (Pronoun) đi kèm, có thể đứng trước hoặc sau giới từ đều được. Như thế, thay vì sử dụng những động từ đơn lẻ thì hãy tập thói quen sử dụng Phrasal Verbs và học thật chăm chỉ càng nhiều Phrasal Verbs càng tốt bạn nhé.
Hôm nay, các bạn hãy cùng cô điểm qua 69 Phrasal Verbs phổ biến nhé:


69 Phrasal Verbs

1 Go over = examine: Xem xét
I usually go over my work.
35 Bear out = confirm: Xác nhận
My father will bear out what I say
2 Put sth down = write sth, make a note of sth: Ghi chép lại
I put the routine down in my diary.
36 Bring in = introduce: Giới thiệu
She wants to bring in a picture to her friends
3 Clear up = tidy: Dọn dẹp
Jimmy usually clears up his room once a week
37 Gear up for = prepare for: Chuẩn bị
My team is gearing up for the presentation
4 Carry out = execute: Tiến hành
Extensive tests have been carried out on the patient.
38 Pair up with = team up with: Hợp tác
Jane decided to pair up with Peter for the English contest.
5 Break in: Đột nhập
Burglars had broken in while we were away.
39 Cut down = reduce: Cắt giảm
We need to cut the air emission in the city.
6 Back up: Ủng hộ
I’ll back you up
40 Look back on = remember: Nhớ lại
She usually looks back on her parent.
7 Turn away = turn down: Từ chối
They had nowhere to stay so I couldn’t turn them away
41 Bring up = raise: Nuôi dưỡng
David was brought up by his grandmother
8 Wake up = get up Thức dậy
She wakes up early.
42 Hold on = wait: Chờ đợi
Hold on a minute while I will be back
9 Warm up: Khởi động
We warm up before entering the main part
43 Turn down = refuse: Từ chối
He turned down a scholarship from his university
10 Turn off: Tắt
They turned off the TV before going out
44 Talk over = discuss
My manager talked over the quotation and decided to give it his approval.
11 Turn on: Bật
I’ll turn the television on.
45  Leave out = not include, omit: Bỏ qua
If you agree question 15, you can omit questions 16–18.

Fall down Xuống cấp
Many factories in the city are falling down.

46 Break down: Đổ vỡ, hư hỏng
The air- condition system has broken down.
13 Find out: Tìm ra
I haven’t found anything out about company yet.
47 Put forward = suggest: Đề xuất, gợi ý
Can I put you forward for dancing club
14 Get off: Khởi hành
We will get off straight after breakfast.
48 Dress up: Ăn vận (trang trọng)
Peter dressed up this T-shirt for his birthday
15 Give up: Từ bỏ
He gave up without a fight
49 Stand for:  Viết tăt cho
‘The book’s by T.C. Smith.’ ‘What does the ‘T.C.’ stand for?’
16 Go up = increase: Tăng lên
The price of housing is going up
50 Keep up = continue: Tiếp tục
We keep up doing our project
17 Pick someone up: Đón ai đó
I’ll pick you up at six
51 Look after = take care of: Trông nom, chăm sóc
My grandmother always looks after her children
18 Take up: Bắt đầu một hoạt động mới
Minh takes up his tasks next week
52 Work out = calculate: Tính toán
It’ll work out cheaper to travel by train
19 Speed up: Tăng tốc
They try and speed things up a bit.
53  Show up = arrive: Tới, đến
It was getting late when Jeny finally showed up
20 Grow up: Lớn lên
Their children have all grown up and left home now
54 Come about = happen: Xảy ra
Where the accident came about?
21 Catch up with: Theo kịp
They catch up with me
55 Hold up = stop, delay: Dừng lại, hoãn lại
Raining is holding up traffic.
22 Cut off: Cắt bỏ cái gì đó
She had his finger cut off in an accident at home.
56 Call off = cancel: Hoãn, Hủy bỏ
The plane was called off because of bad weather
23 Account for: Giải thích
How does Jan account for the show’s success?
57 Look for = expect, hope for: Trông đợi
I am looking for an improvement in Jerry’s work this term
24 Belong to: Thuộc về
Who does this dress belong to?
58 Fix up = arrange: Sắp xếp
I’ll fix you up with a hotel to stay.
25 Break away: Bỏ trốn
The prisoner broke away from his guards.
59 Get by = manage to live: Sống bằng
How does Tom get by on such a small salary?
26 Delight in: Thích thú về
Tony delights in shopping
60 Check in: Làm thủ tục vào cửa
You have to check in at least an hour before departure.
27  a casual acquaintance : bạn xã giao (biết mặt)
I don’t know Peter well. We’re just casual acquaintances.
61 Check out: Làm thủ tục ra
People check out at the reception area
28 have a good relationship with someone : có mối giao hảo tốt với ai
I have a good relationship with my mother-in-law
62 Drop by (drop in on): Ghé qua
I will drop in on you while I was passing.
29 strike up a friendship : bắt đầu làm bạn
I strike up a friendship with Peter
63 Come up with: Nghĩ ra
I came up with a new idea for new painting
30  keep in contact / touch : giữ liên lạc
I always keep in touch with my mother
64 Call up = phone: Gọi điện
I am out for lunch. Please call up later
31 to go over: giải thích, hướng dẫn
I’ll go over how this camere works
65 Call on = visit: Thăm
My mother call on me every sunday
32 to take off: Cất cánh
The plane took off four hours ago
66 Think over = consider: Xem xét, cân nhắc
My manager thinks over my request for a day or so.
33 to take up: tiếp tục
She took up her story
67 Talk over = discuss: Thảo luận
They talked over the quotation and decided to give it their approval
34 to take notice of something: chú ý, để ý đến thứ gì đó
Tim took no notice of my advice.
68 Move on: Chuyển sang
We move on to the next item on the agenda.
69 to take notice of something: chú ý, để ý đến thứ gì đó
Tim took no notice of my advice.

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