99 Phrasal Verbs giúp súp-pờ-siu IELTS

Ta đa, đây là 99 phrasal verb “thần thánh” các em đừng nên bỏ lỡ nha. Dài thì có dài thật đấy nhưng đừng vì vậy mà vội nản chí nhé, khổ trước sướng sau mà đúng không. Phrasal verb quả là một phạm trù rộng lớn khi các em không biết phải học bao nhiêu cho đủ, tuy nhiên dù nhiều nhưng không nhớ nhiều thì cũng nhớ ít chứ nhỉ, không có gì là thừa đâu các em nha. Đến với phrasal verb, ngoài bài giảng hôm nay, 69 Phrasal verb phải học là bài viết cần xem ngay và luôn, nhất định không được bỏ qua sau khi kết thúc 99 từ này nhé. Hãy chia ra thành từng nhóm nhỏ để học nhé các em, sẽ hiệu quả hơn đó.

Những phrsal verb kinh điển cho IELTS
  1. Lock up a person or thing : nhốt, để ai hoặc cái gì trong nơi đã được khoá lại

EX: She locked up the papers in her desk

  1. Getting away with murder: làm sai hỏng nhưng không bị làm sao

EX: The boss’s son comes in late everyday, but we can’t complain. He’s getting away with murder

  1. Pour money into/in : đổ tiền vào

EX: At the Zinco Corporation, Mr. Pope, the head of the company, is pouring money into research and development to learn about the frogs.

  1. Gain something from: đạt được gì từ

EX: As sponsors, we hope to gain advertising and prestige frompaying for cultural events.

  1. Hang back :lưỡng lự, do dự

EX: Everyone approved of the scheme but when we asked for volunteers they all hung back

  1. Stabbed someone in (the back) : phản bội , đâm sau lưng ai đó

EX: I have been working for him for 10 years, but he stabbed me in the back.

  1. Prioritise to : ưu tiên để giải quyết

EX: Instead of talking about re-introducing Emergency Ordinance, the government should prioritise to solve crime without violating human rights.

  1. Show affection for : có cảm tình

EX: He shows great affection for his grandchildren

  1. Have faith in : tin tưởng

EX:  An open economy cannot survive unless voters have faith in the system

  1. Pose something to something: gây ra

EX: Local police on Tuesday launched a campaign to crack down on these old motorbikes that they say can pose risks to traffic safety.

  1. Keep correspondence with : liên lạc thư từ

EX: On the newest ‘Running Man’ Contributors keep up a correspondence with Fanatics Whilst Gambling Games

  1. Back somebody up : hỗ trợ hay khuyến khích về tinh thần hay bằng lời

EX: He never backed his younger sister.

  1. Play an influence over : có ảnh hưởng

EX: Recent research has show media like Internet and TV play an influence over people’s lives than politicians.

  1. Get victory over : chiến thắng

EX: When we get victory over jealousy, we experience happiness

  1. Cook up a story: bịa đặt ra 1 câu chuyện

EX: Between them they cooked up a story to tell their parents.

  1. Back away:lùi ra phía sau (vì sợ hãi hay không thích)

EX: When he took a gun out everyone backed away nervously.

  1. Make allowance for :chiếu cố , xem xét, tính đến cái gì

EX:  Management should make allowance for diversity and difference

  1. Back out:thất hứa

EX: He agreed to help but backed out when he found how difficult it was.

  1. Backsomebody up :hỗ trợ hay khuyến khích về tinh thần hay bằng lời

EX: He never backed his younger sister

  1. Order somebody about : sai bảo ai (bất kể cảm nhận của họ)

EX: He is a retired admiral and still has the habit of ordering people about

  1. Be in for:sẽ bắt gặp, gặp phải

EX: If you think that the work is going to be easy you’re in for a shock.

  1. Be over: kết thúc

EX: The storm is over now; we can go on

  1. Come away :rời đi

EX: Come away now. It’s time to go home.

  1. Come away/off :bong ra, tróc ra

EX: When I picked up the teapot the handle came away in my hand.

  1. Call on :huy động, gom lại

EX: He called on all the housewives in the area and asked them to sign the petition

  1. Clear away:giải tán, phân tán

EX: The clouds soon cleared away and it became quite warm.

  1. Clear up :trở nên tốt hơn, đẹp hơn

EX: The sky looks a bit cloudy now but I think it will clear up

  1. Come down with :mắc phải, bị (bệnh)
    EX : I think I’m coming down with flu.
  2. Do away with :bãi bỏ, huỷ bỏ

EX: The government should do away with the death penalty like many European countries.

  1. Do up :trang hoàng lại

EX: When I do this room up I’ll paint the walls cream

  1. Do without :xoay sở khi không có ai đó hoặc cái gì

EX: We had to do without petrol during the fuel crisis.

  1. Fight off :chống lại, kháng lại
    EX : Her body couldn’t fight the infection off.
  2. Fall in : đứng thành hàng ngũ (quân đội)

EX: There was a scramble as the major ordered new recruits to fall in.

  1. Fall out rời hàng ngũ

EX: The troops fell in and were inspected. After the parade they fell out and went back to their barracks

  1. Grow out of :từ bỏ thói quen xấu khi còn nhỏ (khi lớn)

EX: He used to tell a lot of lies as a young boy but he grew out of that later on

  1. Grow up :trưởng thành

EX: “I’m going to be a pop star when I grow up”, said the boy

  1. Lay in :dự trữ

EX: She expected a shortage of dried fruit so she laid in a large supply

  1. Draw up :chuẩn bị bản kế hoạch hay h ợp đồng

EX: My solicitor drew up the lease and we both signed it.

  1. Lay up : để dành, dự trữ cho khi cần

EX: Before he went to Brazil for a year, he laid up his car, as he didn’t want to sell it.

  1. Be laid up :nằm liệt giường

EX: She was laid up for weeks with a slipped disk

  1. Lead up to :chuẩn bị cách để làm gì, giới thiệu (một cách bóng bẩy), mở lời

EX: He wanted to borrow my binoculars, but he didn’t say so at once. He led up to it by talking about bird watching.

  1. Block up: bị tắc, làm tắc (mũi)
    EX : My nose was blocked up due to flower allergy.
  2. Swell up : sưng lên
    EX : It was obvious she had broken her toe because it immediately started to swell up.
  3. Throw up : nôn mửa (ói)
    EX : He threw up his breakfast all over the back seat of the car.
  4. Get away with = thoát khỏi sự trừng phạt
    EX:He robbed a bank and got away with it.
  5. React to sth=respond to sth: phản ứng với điều gì

EX: How did they respond to the news?

  1. Be run down :yếu đi, quá sức

EX: He is still run down after his illness and unfit for work.

  1. Run into :va chạm (phương tiện đi lại)

EX: The car skidded and ran into a lamp-post

  1. Look someone up and down : nhìn từ đầu tới chân

EX: The policeman looked the drunk man up and down very deliberately before replying to his question

  1. Run into/across : tình cờ gặp ai đó

Ex: I ran into my cousin in Harrods recently.

  1. Run over : đụng ngã (xe cộ)

EX: The drunk man stepped into the road right in front of the oncoming car. The driver couldn’t stop in time and ran over him.

  1. Run over/through :xem lại, kiểm tra lướt qua

EX: We ‘ve got a few minutes before the train goes, so I’ll just run through your instructions again.

  1. Run through :tiêu hoang, phung phí (dùng cho nguồn dự trữ hoặc tiền)

EX: He inherited a fortune and ran through it in a year.

  1. Let out :nới rộng ra (quần áo)

EX: That boy is getting fatter. You’ll have to let out his clothes

  1. Run up bills :tích lại, dồn lại (hoá đơn)

EX: Her husband said that she must pay for things at once and not run up bills

  1. Run up against difficulties/opposition :đối mặt với (khó khăn, sự cản trở)

EX: If he tries to change the rules of the club he will run up against a lot of opposition

  1. Be sent down :bị đuổi học

EX: He behaved so badly in college that he was sent down and never got his degree.

  1. Send for :gọi, triệu tập

EX: One of our water pipes has burst. We must send for the plumber.

  1. Send in : gửi, nộp, đăng (người nhận không cần được nhắc tới vì người được nói đã biết)

EX: You must send in your application before Friday, (send it to the authority concerned)

  1. Send on : gửi tới địa chỉ mới

EX: I want to send all letters on while I’m on business.

  1. Let in :đồng ý cho vào, chấp nhận

EX: If you mention my name to the door-keeper he will let you in

  1. Put in for =ask for: đòi hỏi, yêu cầu

EX: Are you going to put in for that job?

  1. Put forward/on clocks and watches : vặn trước đồng hồ

EX: In March people in England put their clocks forward/on an hour. When summer time ends they put them back an hour.

  1. Put in a claim :đòi hỏi, yêu cầu

EX: He put in a claim for compensation because he had lost his luggage in the train crash.

  1. Live down :làm quên đi, làm xoá đi (danh tiếng, tiếng tăm)

EX: He has never quite been able to live down a reputation for drinking too much which he got when he was a young man

  1. Sit back :ngồi yên, nghỉ ngơi

EX: I have worked hard all my life and now I’m going to sit back and watch other people working

  1. Narrow down: cắt giảm, thu hẹp

EX: We have narrowed down the list to four candidates.

  1. Make up for sth: đền bù (compensate)

EX: Her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of experience

  1. Move on or up :tiến bộ, đi lên

EX: Normally in schools pupils move up every year.

  1. Mix up : nhầm lẫn

EX: He mixed up the addresses so that no one got the right letters

  1. Come up with: nghĩ ra, sinh ra cái gì.

EX: She comes up with a new idea for increasing sales.

  1. Sympathize with sb: đồng cảm với ai

EX: I find it very hard to sympathize with him.

  1. Shout down :la ó buộc ai đó thôi nói

EX: Tom tried to make a speech defending himself but the crowd wouldn ‘t listen to his explanation and shouted him down.

  1. Put a person off: làm nhụt chí

EX: I wanted to see the exhibition but the queue put me off.

  1. Throw up :từ bỏ đột ngột (công việc, kế hoạch nào đó)

EX: He suddenly got tired of the job and threw it up

  1. Tie someone up :trói chặt ai đó

EX: The thieves tied up the night watchman before opening the safe

  1. Pull down : phá huỷ, xoá bỏ (dùng cho các toà nhà)

EX: Everywhere elegant old buildings are being pulled down and mediocre modern erections are being put up.

  1. Crop up :xuất hiện hay xảy ra một cách bất ngờ không mong muốn

EX: At first all sorts of difficulties cropped up and delayed us. Later we learnt how to anticipate these.

  1. Take in :lừa gạt

EX: At first he took us in by his stories and we tried to help him; but later we learnt that his stories were all lies.

  1. Dress up:ăn mặc đẹp

EX: She never dresses up, even when she goes to the Opera.

  1. Hang about/around :thơ thẩn, la cà

EX: He hung about/around the entrance all day, hoping for a chance to speak to the director.

  1. Pay someone back/out

EX: I’ll pay you back for this

  1. Round up : gom lại, gộp lại (người, động vật)

EX: The sheepdog rounded up the sheep

  1. Account for:giải thích cho điều gì.

EX: He was unable to account for the error.

  1. Account for + %:chiếm bao nhiêu phần trăm.

EX: The Japanese market accounts for 35% of the company’s revenue.

  1. Ask someone out:mời ai đó đi chơi hoặc đi ăn (thường là ở nơi công cộng)

EX: She had a lot of friends and was usually asked out in the evenings, so she seldom spent an evening at home.

  1. Walk out: đình công

EX: Some people were so disgusted with the play that they walked out in the middle of the first act.

  1. Work out : tìm ra, tính toán, giải quyết, hiểu

EX: He used his calculator to work out the cost

  1. Die out :tuyệt chủng, biến mất hoàn toàn (phong tục, chủng tộc, loài động vật…)

EX: Elephants would die out if men could shoot as many as they wished.

  1. Wind up :kết thúc (thường dùng cho bài nói, hoạt động kinh doanh)

EX: The headmaster wound up (the meeting) by thanking the parents.

  1. Step up :gia tăng tỉ lệ, tốc độ (thường ý nói tới sản xuất công nghiệp)

EX: This new machine will step up production

  1. Wear off :dần biến mất

EX: These glasses may seem uncomfortable at first but that feeling will soon wear off.

  1. Settle down :trở nên quen và hài lòng với cái gì (địa điểm mới, công việc mới…)

EX: He soon settled down in his new school.

  1. Show off: khoe khoang

EX:  He’s just showing off because that girl he likes is here.

  1. Get about: bắt đầu đi lại được sau một cơn ốm.

EX: They are very happy because Jim can get about around his room.

  1. Get a handle on: nắm bắt, hiểu được

EX:This new computer program is very difficult. I still haven’t gotten a handle on it.

  1. Stand up for : bênh vực

EX: His father blamed him, but his mother stood up for him and said that he had acted sensibly

  1. Take down :ghi lại (thường là đọc cho viết)

EX: He read out the names and his secretary took them down

  1. Rub out :xóa sạch bặng tẩy

EX: The child wrote down the wrong word and then rubbed it out.