Bí quyết học Idioms bằng màu sắc siêu dễ nhớ



  1. be black and blue
  • Meaning: To be covered in bruises
  • Example: It was the first time I had ridden a bike and I was black and blue after it!
  1. To be blue
  • Meaning: To be sad or depressed
  • Example: My favorite show has ended and not I’m feeling blue.
  1. Out of the blue
  • Meaning: As a surprise, unexpected
  • Example: The news of their divorce came out of the blue!
  1. To have green fingers
  • Meaning: To be good at gardening
  • Example: Our garden is becoming lovely. My mother has very green fingers.
  1. To be/ To go purple with rase
  • Meaning: To be very angry
  • Example: When she found out that her husband had lost all his money, she went purple with rage.
  1. To go red
  • Meaning: To blush
  • Example: He always goes red when he sees her.
  1. To be the black sheep
  • Meaning: To be a disgrace for the family
  • Example: He’s never achieves anything in his life; he is the black sheep of the family.
  1. To be green with envy
  • Meaning: To be jealous
  • Example: That girl is green with envy because of my very good grades
  1. To see pink elephants
  • Meaning: To see things that are only in your imagination
  • Example: No one believes him because he is always seeing pink elephants.
  1. With flying colors
  • Meaning: With great or total success
  • Example: My sister graduated with flying colors, and now we are going to celebrate!
  1. Feel blue:
  • Meaning: to have feelings of deep sadness or depression.
  • Example: I have been feeling blue ever since I have heard that my daughter will be moving abroad for good.
  1. White lie
  • Meaning: lie to protect another person’s feelings.
  • Example: I sympathize with people and would tell a whitelie to avoid hurting their feelings
  1. See red
  • Meaning: be very angry
  • Example: Tom seesred when he sees Ricky kiss his sister right in front of him.
  1. Paint the town red
  • Meaning: have a good time.
  • Example: We’re going to paint the town red tonight, because I’m turning 30 years old!
  1. To be in the red
  • Meaning: to be in debt
  • Example: State government has been operating in the red for five straight years.What with all those car repairs, we’re going to be in the red this month.
  1. Tickled pink
  • Meaning: be very pleased, delighted.
  • Example: His wife was tickled pink when he sent her flowers and gifts at work for no reason.
  1. A golden opportunity
  • Meaning: a great opportuinity that might never come again.
  • Example: Although it’s hard graft at the moment, this gives us a golden opportunity to make changes.
  1. Black gold
  • Meaning: the term black gold refers to the black color and high value of oil.
  • Example: We were barely surviving until Jed discovered black gold beneath our field, and now we’re richer than we could ever imagine!
  1. Blue-eyed boy
  • Meaning: a blue-eyed boy is someone’s favorite.
  • Example: It was no surprise that Frankie got the promotion. Everyone knows he’s the boss’s blue eyed boy.
  1. Green with envy
  • Meaning: very jealous
  • Example: That girl is green with envy because of my very good grades.
  1. To see pink elephants
  • Meaning: this term refers to hallucinations or strange imaginary things seen by people as a result of heavy drinking or the use os narcotics.
  • Example: No one believes him because he is always seeing pink elephants.
  1. With flying colours
  • Meaning: with distinction, with great or total success.
  • Example: My sister graduated with flying colors and now we are going to celebrate.
  1. To be in the black
  • Meaning: have money in one’s blank account.
  • Example: I wish my accounts were in the black. Sally moved the company into the black.
  1. To black out
  • Meaning: a look of anger
  • Example: He was blackout last night, so I’m not surprised that he doesn’t remember talking to you.
  1. A black day
  • Meaning: an unhappy day when something bad happens.
  • Examples: When we heard the news that David Bowie had died, we knew it was going to be a black day for all of his loyal fans.