Common phrasal verbs with ” Call”

Đến với bài chia sẻ ngày hôm nay, cô xin giới thiệu cho các em những phrasal verb thông dụng nhất với “Call”. Đây là các phrasal verb các em sẽ được thấy với tần suất thường xuyên, vậy nên bài giảng hôm nay các em hãy ghi chú cẩn thận vào notebook nhé. Phrasal verb với “Call” chỉ là một góc nhỏ khi nói đến Phrasal verb vì cô vẫn còn Chùm Phrasal Verb kinh điển nhất IELTS dành cho các em nếu các em muốn khai thác triệt để chủ đề này. Đừng quên xem qua bài viết trên sau khi hoàn thành bài hôm nay nhé, chắc chắn sẽ không phí công các em tìm tòi đâu.

1. Call away

  • Meaning: Summon; to cause to depart
  • Example: I was called away from the meeting to deal with a medical emergency.

2. Call down

  • Meaning: Pray for; to request from God
  • Example: I shall call down God’s wrath upon you!

3. Call for

  • Meaning: Shout out in order to summon (a person)
  • Example: I leant out of the back door and called for Lucy.

4. Call for

  • Meaning: Ask for in a loud voice
  • Example: We finished the main course in short order and called for more wine.

5. Call for

  • Meaning: Request, demand
  • Example: The government has called for an end to hostilities in the region.

6. Call for

  • Meaning: Necessitate, demand
  • Example: This situation calls for a high degree of courage.

7. Call for

  • Meaning: Stop at a place and ask for (someone)
  • Example: I’ll call for you just after midday.

8. Call in

  • Meaning: Communicate with a base etc, by telephone
  • Example: I was too unwell to work yesterday so I called in sick.

9. Call in

  • Meaning: Summon someone, especially for help or advice
  • Example: The government called in the army to deal with the riots.

10. Call off

  • Meaning: Recall; to cancel or call a halt to
  • Example: If you want me to call off the dog, then get off my land.

11. Call on

  • Meaning: Visit (a person); to pay a call to
  • Example: I really should call on my aunt more often.

12. Call on

  • Meaning: Select (a student in a classroom, etc.) to provide an answer
  • Example: He sat there, baffled, hoping nobody would call on him.

13. Call on

  • Meaning: Request or ask something of (a person); to select for a task
  • Example: The king called on his subjects to take up arms and defend the kingdom.

14. Call on

  • Meaning: Have recourse to; to summon up
  • Example: Exhausted, he called on his last ounce of strength.

15. Call on

  • Meaning: Correct; to point out an error or untruth
  • Example: The salesman persisted in quoting a rate higher than was listed, until we called him on it.

16. Call out

  • Meaning: Specify, especially in detail
  • Example: They call out 304 stainless steel in the drawing, but the part was made from aluminum.

17. Call out

  • Meaning: Order into service; to summon into service
  • Example: The Governor called out the National Guard.

18. Call out

  • Meaning: Challenge; denounce; point out; charge
  • Example: She called them out on their lies.