Conjunctions trị “cụt” ý trong IELTS

Nắm vững ngữ pháp là điều rất quan trọng nếu các em cần IELTS 6.5+. Các em sẽ không còn lo ngại câu cú thiếu liền mạch và diễn đạt không đủ ý nữa. Hôm nay, Cô sẽ chia sẽ cho các em các kiến thức quan trọng về Conjunctions trong IELTS sẽ rất bổ ích khi áp dụng trong bài thi nhé. Hãy cùng Cô lưu lại để dành sau này sử dụng khi cần nhé.

Conjuctions trị “cụt ý” cho IELTS

Các liên từ trong IELTS


Liên từ đẳng lập gồm có 7 từ là For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So (thường hay gọi là FANBOYS cho dễ nhớ) luôn đứng giữa hai từ/cụm từ/mệnh đề mà nó liên kết.

Two parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) are joined:

  • salt AND pepper;
  • us AND him,
  • they NOR we,
  • watched AND listened (verbs are in the same tense)
  • serious YET repairable
  • strong OR weak
  • noisily BUT fearfully

Phrases and clauses of equal rank can also be joined by coordinating conjunctions:

  • Winning the game OR losing it, he was happy. (participle phrases joined)
  • Come with Harvey OR without him. (prepositional phrases joined)
  • Garlic and pepper are common spices, BUT excessive use of them can be bad for you. (independent clauses joined –> a compound sentence)
  • It is a small car, YET it is surprisingly spacious. (independent clauses joined )
  • The injured dog could not walk, NOR could it stand. (independent clauses joined)
  • We didn’t stop to see Mr. Johnson, FOR we had to meet Uncle Fred. (independent clauses joined)
  • My little brother sometimes bothers me, BUT I still love him. (independent clauses joined)


Liên từ phụ thuộc có tác dụng nối hai mệnh đề độc lập (independent clause) và mệnh đề phụ thuộc (dependent clause) với nhau để tạo câu phức (complex sentences) và thường đứng đầu mệnh đề phụ thuộc.

Một số liên từ phụ thuộc phổ biến:

  • Time: after, before, when, whenever, while, since, until, once, as soon as,
  • Contrast, alternatives: although, though, even if, despite, in spite of, whereas, while
  • Reason: because, due to, in view of the fact that, since, as/so long as
  • Purpose: in case, in order to, in order that
  • Conditional: as/so long as, even if, provided (that), unless

Ví dụ: Although the government had been elected for a four-year term, the Prime Minister decided to hold an early election.

Mệnh đề phụ thuộc “Although the government had been elected for a four-year term” bổ sung và làm rõ nghĩa hơn mệnh đề chính là “the Prime Minister decided to hold an early election”.

Light the flare IF it gets dark.
He would not swim in the ocean BECAUSE he had seen a movie about sharks.
The nurse grew queasy WHENEVER she saw blood.
BEFORE you change the tire, you must find a jack.
ALTHOUGH you drive well, you are not a good mechanic.
AFTER John left, Mary cried.
We’ll go AS LONG AS the weather is good. (only if)
SO LONG AS there is a demand for these drugs, the financial incentive for drug dealers will be there. (since, to the extent that)
Incorrect: Whereas some argue that children should be forced to do more exercise.
Correct: However / On the other hand / By contrast, some argue that children should be forced to do more exercise.


Tương liên từ là những cặp liên từ để nối các cụm từ hoặc mệnh đề tương đương về mặt ngữ pháp: động từ-động từ, danh từ-danh từ, tính từ-tính từ,… Vì vậy bạn không được lấy râu ông này chắp cằm bà kia khi nối hai (cụm) từ với nhau.

  • both … and …
  • either … or …
  • neither .. nor … / not … nor…
  • not only … but also …
  • whether … or …

Incorrect: EITHER YOU must accept the terms OR WITHDRAW from the race.
Correct: You must EITHER ACCEPT the terms OR WITHDRAW from the race.
Many soldiers were BOTH young AND inexperienced.
EITHER mom OR dad will meet you at the airport.
NEITHER the bat NOR the glove is mine.
NOT a building NOR a tree was left standing.
NOT ONLY did we go to the zoo, BUT we ALSO went to the circus.
The holiday will be enjoyable WHETHER you surf OR swim.

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