Du lịch thả ga với chùm Idioms “Traveling” cực đã

Mỗi khi gặp được đề tài về “Traveling”, các bạn chắc hẳn sẽ cảm thấy thích thú hơn rất nhiều vì đây là chủ đề khá gần gũi và quen thuộc với chúng ta đúng không nào? “Traveling” là một chủ đề chúng ta sẽ rất hay gặp trong các đề tài Speaking, nếu hôm nay các bạn đã học “thả ga” với chuyên mục du lịch này thì cũng đừng quên từ vựng chủ đề Vacation luôn là “bạn đồng hành” của Traveling đó. Nếu đã cất công tìm kiếm về hai chủ đề này thì hãy học ngay đi nhé, chắc chắn sẽ giúp ích rất nhiều cho các bạn đó!

  1. See off
  • Meaning: Go to the airport or station to say goodbye to someone
  • g. They’ve gone to the airport to see their son off.
  1. Set off
  • Start a journey
  • g. We set off for Paris just after ten.
  1. Get in
  • Arrive (train, plane)
  • g. The train got in late.
  1. Hold up
  • Delay when travelling
  • g. Sorry I’m late – I was held up at work.
  1. Take off
  • When a plane departs or leaves the ground
  • g. The plane took off an hour late.
  1. Check in
  • Arrive and register at a hotel or airport
  • g. Please check in at least an hour before departure.
  1. Get off
  • Leave a bus, train, plane
  • g. We get off at the next station.
  1. Check out
  • Leave the hotel after paying
  • g. We checked out at noon.
  1. Get away
  • To have a holiday or vacation
  • g. We’re hoping to get away for a few days at Easter.
  1. Get on
  • Enter a bus, train, plane, to climb on board
  • g. I think we got on the wrong bus.
  1. Drop off
  • Take someone to a place and leave them there
  • g. I’ll drop you off on my way home.
  1. Pick up
  • Let someone get into your car and take them somewhere
  • g.I’ll pick you up at the station.
  1. Set out
  • Start a journey, especially a long journey
  • g. They set out on the last stage of their journey.
  1. Speed up
  • Increase speed
  • g. Can you try and speed things up a bit?
  1. Look around
  • Explore what is near you, in your area
  • g. People came out of their houses and looked around.
  1. Hurry up
  • Rush and not waste time
  • g. Hurry up! We’re going to be late.
  1. Go back
  • Go the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye
  • g. Dave and I go back twenty years.
  1. Look forward
  • Look forward to something that is going to happen in the future
  • g.I’m looking forward to the weekend.
  1. Stop over
  • Stay somewhere for a short time during a long journey
  • g. I wanted to stop over in India on the way to Australia.
  1. Check in
  • Confirm you are taking a flight (online or at airport)
  • g. I usually check in online.
  1. Check in/out
  • Confirm your arrival/departure at a hotel
  • g. We have to check out before 11:00.
  1. Drop sby/sth off
  • Take somebody/something to a place (usually by car)
  • g. Where do you want me to drop you off?
  1. Get away
  • Escape a place (for a holidays)
  • g. I need to get away for a few days.
  1. Get in
  • Arrive at the station/airport
  • g. What time does your flight get in?
  1. Get on/off
  • Get onto/off a bus, a train, plane
  • g. Get on the northbound train at Penn Station.
  1. Pick sby/sth up
  • Go to where somebody is leaving from to say goodbye
  • g. Will you come to see me off at the airport?
  1. Set off/out
  • Begin a journey
  • g. We have to set off very early on Saturday.
  1. Stop over
  • Stay at a place on the way to your final destination
  • g. On my way to Rio, I stopped over in Paris for a night.
  1. Take off
  • Leave the ground (planes)
  • g. The plane’s going to take off. Hold my hand!
  1. Touch down
  • Land (planes)
  • g. Our flight touches down before midday.