Ơn giời! 140 synonyms trong CAM 8 đây rồi!


Nay cô thân gửi các em những từ có nghĩa tương đồng nhau rất hữu ích trong cuốn Cam 8 thần thánh, nó sẽ giúp các em trau dồi kỹ năng paraphrase điêu luyện hơn, làm reading tăng band vù vù nhé, bên cạnh đó còn thoả sức mà chem. gió writing task 2 nha~

Chúc các em học tốt nè^^


Cambridge 8 TEST 1

devise=formulate=invent=create=come up with=make up=conceive=coin=dream up v.

civil=municipal=metropolitan adj

weather=meteorological=climate=condition n.

categorize=class / type=sort=classify=be grouped=grade v

alter=change=revise=make changes v.

trial=experiment=test n.

public event=communal activity

resemble=like=similar=alike=much the same=comparable v.

invention=devise=creation=innovation n.,

success rate=positive

result=achievement=progress=breakthrough=accomplishment n.

pick out=identify=recognize=know=tell v

farming=agriculture n.

simultaneous=at the same time=together=at once=at one time adj.

aviation disaster=sky accident=air crash

prompt=result in=lead to=make somebody do something=cause

somebody to do something=lead somebody to do something=motivate=induce

improve=develop=evolve=get better=catch up=pick up=things are looking up v.,

 aircraft=plane=by air n.

divide=split=separate=break up=break down=take apart=take something to piece v.

 new=revolutionary=original=innovation=fresh=novel=be in its infancy

agree=concur=go along with=fall in with=go with v.

sceptic and advocate=different attitude

significance=impressive=meaning=sense n.

meditation: the practice of emptying your mind of thoughts and feelings, in order to relax completely or for religious reasons n.,

parapsychology: the scientific study of mysterious abilities that some people claim to have, such as knowing what will happen in the future n.

limit=minimize=maximum=the most=ceiling=cut-off point v.

different=individual=not like=vary=not the same=contrast with=diverse

cold temperature=freezing weather=chilly=frosty=wintry=cold snap adj.

uniform=equal=homogeneous adj

create=introduce=invent=make sth. do sth.=be the cause=lead to sth. v..

organize=co-ordinate=arrange=set out=put something in order=line up v.

oversimplify=incomplete=simplistic=generalize=see things in black and white adj.,

environment=condition=light, sound,warmth= situation =circumstance n

altitude=from…meters above the ground=height=how high=level n.

zone=airspace=region=area=district=quarter=block=suburb n.

create=establish=invent=start up=open=set up=found=inception v.

 beacon and flashing=light=beam n.

average-sized=medium-sized adj.

city=metropolitan=urban=town=village=civic=municipal= downtown n.

pendulum : a long metal stick with a weight at the bottom that swings

regularly from side to side to control the working of a clock n.

coincidental : happening completely by chance without being planned adj.

disobey : to refuse to do what someone with authority tells you to do, or refuse to obey a rule or law v.

Cambridge 8 TEST 2

1. drastically : extreme and sudden adv.

2. carry out : subject to :

3. remain=stay=keep=continue to be=still v.

4. detect=inspect=examine=notice=spot=become aware /

conscious=note=conserve=perceive v.

5. fault=flaw=defect=trouble=bug=virus=be something wrong with=be

something matter with n.

6. enough=sufficient=adequate=cover=meet somebody’s need adj

7. main= largely= principal=chief=major= key=primary=prime =predominant

=core adj.

8. documentation=written account=evidence=proof n.

9. shift=switch=transfer=move=jerk v.

10. consistent=lasting=stay the same=constant=unchanging adj.

11. drought=no rain at all=dry=dusty adj.

12. period=cycle=era=age n.

13. random=arbitrary=at random adj.

14. molten=hot=heat=boiling / boiling hot=scalding / scalding hot adj.

15. intense=strong=passionate=powerful=deep adj.

16. discover=explore=find / unearth=turn up v.

17. pattern=trade / commodity=business n.

18. relate to=associate with=link to / connect to=identify with

19. feeling=emotional response / sensory=a sense of=passion n.

20. unappreciated=undervalued adj.

21. difficult=elusive=hard / tough=easier said than done adj.

22. study=research=analyse=do/conduct research v.

23. smell=odour=scent n.

24. interpretation=be considered to be=understanding=reading n.

25. define=distinguish=tell the difference v.

26. damage=impair=break=do/cause damage=scratch v.

27. realize=consciously consider=occur to=become aware=sink

in=strike=hit=wake up to the fact that v.

28. reveal=show=demonstrate=let somebody see=present=expose=let

somebody take a look v.

29. to be defined=unanswered

30. husbands and wives=marriage partner / spouse=couple=newlyweds

31. linguistic=language n.

32. describe=name=express=give a description of=talk about=write

about=give an account of=tell of v

33. lack=do not exist=not enough=scarce=inadequate=insufficient=in short

supply v.

34. do not smell=odorless

35. regard as=consider to

36. unpleasant=offensive=horrible / disgusting / revolting=not very

nice=nasty adj.

37. certain=some=a measure of adj.

38. correspond=be consist of=coincide=match up v.

39. relevance n.

40. float=afloat v.

Cambridge 8 TEST 3

1. building=property=construction n.

2. support=back=be behind=in support of=back somebody up v.

3. financial support=fund=financial aid

4. stumbling block=difficulty=trouble n.

5. create=generate=form=produce v.

6. direct=guide=lead=instruct=give order/instruction v.

7. beam=laser=ray=glow=glare n.,

8. aim=direct at=purpose=point=idea=objective=goal=target n.

9. test in real=field test

10. genius=giftedness / talent / intellectual= intelligence= brains= brilliant =

wisdom n.

11. inherit=run in family=receive=get=be given=be awarded v.

12. talent=prodigy=skill=ability=craftsmanship=flair=have a knack=a natural

ability to do something well n.,

13. lessen=minimize=subside=lighten=relieve=ease=allay v.

14. significance=supremacy=definition=meaning=sense=connotation n.

15. achieve=make=succeed=manage=make progress=accomplish=get results

16. limitation=restricted=disadvantage=drawback=liability=the downside n.

17. inexorable=inevitable=unstoppable=remorseless adj.

18. stable=characteristic=constant=steady=fixed=unchanging adj.

19. life span=duration of life

20. biological clock=internal clock

21. prolong=extend=drag out=spin out v.

22. principle=law=conscience=scruples n.

23. optimal=better=best adj.

24. conserve=save / frugal=reserve=keep back v.

25. immortality : the state of living for ever or being remembered for ever

26. organism=living thing=life form=wildlife =an animal, plant, human, or

any other living thing n.


Cambridge 8 TEST 4

1. middle-year education=lower secondary school

2. format=pattern n.

3. less successful student=struggler

4. key=contributing factor=important=major=significant=critical n.

5. achievement =attainment=progress=breakthrough= accomplishment n.

6. spacious=largely=big=huge=vast=enormous=immense adj.

7. adapt=accessible=get used to=become/grow accustomed to=adjust to v.,

8. careful=elaborate=conscientious=thorough=meticulous=methodical adj.

9.supplementary=assist=additional=extra=further=added=spare=more=another n.

10. effort=hard work=work at=push yourself=labour n.

11. correct answer=accuracy n.

12. imbalance=disorder=unequal=disproportionate n.

13. no longer respond=resistance=fight against

14. cost=financial outlay=spend=charge=fare=rental=toll n.

15. innate=built-in adj.

16. immunity=resistance n.

17. entail=involve v.

18. circumstance=system n.,

19. feed on=prey on…

20. blight=plague v.

21. wipe out=eradicate=get rid of=abolish=scrap=do away with=eliminate

22. plague=infest=troublesome v.

23. compare=determination of variation=contrast=liken=make a

comparison=draw an analogy=draw a parallel v.

24. criterion=identification=standard=scale n.,

25. compatible=use both method=well-matched=be made for each other=be a

perfect match /pair/couple=be right for=be ideally suited adj.

26. specimen=individual n.

27. container=plastic or glass tube n.

28. wet=marshy=soaked=waterlogged=awash adj.

29. habitat=area=the environment=ecosystem=ecology n.

30. pitfall=trap n.

31. little time and effort is required=minimal maintenance and intervention

32. pesticide: a chemical substance used to kill insects and small animals that

destroy crops n.

33. preservative: a chemical substance that is used to prevent things from

decaying, for example food or wood n.          

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