“Hack” IELTS với 40 từ vựng nâng cao của Oxford

Chơi game thì đã có cheat codes , học IELTS đã có Oxford, siêu bí kiếp từ vựng. ? Cô chọn lọc ra 40 từ nâng cao cho các bạn “hack” trọn IELTS 7.+ nhé. ? Khi thi listening thì gặp phải những từ này đã không còn lo không hiểu câu hỏi, thi reading không còn lo nghĩa của từ, làm bài writing thêm ấn tượng với các từ vựng “sang chảnh” ghi điểm trong mắt giám khảo, thi speaking thì nói như 1 native sành điệu. Còn chần chờ gì mà không ghi lại các “siêu” từ vựng này nào !!! ???

  1. Approbation: (n) approval or praise (sự bằng lòng, thừa nhận)

Ex: The probability is that the book had received the stamp of popular approbation before the end of the 1st century of our era, and the leading men did not dare to reject it.

  1. Assuage: (v)make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense (làm cho dịu bớt)

Ex: They may have over-eaten, in their desperation to assuage their hunger, or drunk themselves silly.

  1. Coalition: (n)a temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government (sự liên minh, liên kết)

Ex: A coalition of downtown business owners has created a marketing plan to bring more shoppers into the downtown area.

  1. Decadence: (n) moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury (tình trạng suy đồi (đạo đức hay văn hóa))

Ex: While the church leaders are not opposed to a little self-indulgence now and then, they are opposed to a lifetime of decadence.

  1. Elicit: (v) evoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone (gợi ra, làm lộ ra, khiến)

Ex: He told stories about his past as a historian, even eliciting a few laughs from members of the crowd.

  1. Expostulate: (v)express strong disapproval or disagreement (khuyên can, can gián, cản trở)

Ex: Although I try not to expostulate about my daughter’s clothing choices, I still keep my eye on what goes into her closet.

  1. Hackneyed: (adj)overused, clichéd (tầm thường, thường thấy)

Ex: The script is hackneyed, riddled with stereotypes and offers nothing that hasn’t been seen in every single gangster film ever made.

  1. Hiatus: (n)gap, long pause in an action (chỗ đứt đoạn, đứa quãng)

Ex: After a hiatus of a few years, a group of like-minded researchers came together with the aim of reinvigorating the Network.

  1. Innuendo: (n) statement that implies something bad indirectly, hint (ám chỉ, nói gần xa)

Ex: And even though there was a lack of detail, simple innuendos suggested that one was female and the other male.

  1. Intercede: (v) intervene on behalf of another (nói giùm, xin giùm, can thiệp giùm ai đó)

Ex:    The old woman interceded with the local people’s committee for the poor families

  1. Jaded: (adj)worn out, bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something (quá chán ngấy cái gì đó, mệt mỏi, rã rời kiệt sức)

Ex: I am so jaded by the whole process that I assume that things will basically work exactly the same as before, with a load of new acronyms.

  1. Lurid: (adj) (1) causing shock or horror, gruesome (2) ghastly (3) Glowing or shining with the glare of fire through a haze (4) Sallow or pallid in color. (1. Ghê gớm, khủng khiếp 2. Ghê tởm, xấu xí 3. Sáng lên hay lóe lên (ánh lửa) qua màn sương 4. Xanh xao, tái mét

Ex: These effects are sometimes too lurid to be pleasant. What you want to do is show those lurid effects of sex and blood?

Somebody was getting off on dirty talk and we heard every lurid detail.

The main roads remind me of the roads on the outskirts of huge cities in the USA, with their seemingly endless miles of fast food joints and lurid neon signs.

The accompanying picture, in lurid colors, showed a robotic device grappling with a red blood cell.

  1. Meritorious: (adj)deserving reward or praise (xứng đáng, đáng khen)

Ex: Many meritorious students who have got admissions in self-financing colleges are not in a position to continue their education by paying unexpectedly huge amount as fees.

  1. Petulant: (adj) childishly sulky or bad-tempered (hay giận)

Ex: They were so refreshing compared to the petulant teenagers she was around all morning.

  1. Prerogative: (n) a special right (đặc quyền, quyền ưu tiên)

Ex: The taxation of transport and of sales of merchandise, for example, was the exclusive prerogative of the king and his agents until the middle of the ninth century.

  1. Provincial: (adj) uncultured in thought and manner (quê mùa, thô kệch)

Ex: Even though James had travelled all over the world, he still wore clothing which was quite provincial and outdated.

  1. Simulate: (v)imitate the appearance or character of (bắt chước, mô phỏng)

Ex: In 1997, Governato designed a computer model to simulate evolution of the universe from the big bang until the present.

  1. Transcend: (v) be greater than (vượt quá, lớn hơn, tốt hơn)

Ex: The fourteen essays gathered here embrace a range of issues which perhaps transcend the limits suggested by the subtitle.

  1. Umbrage: (n) offense (sự xúc phạm)

Ex: Some of you took umbrage at the content and tone of my column entitled ‘Three genres of women,’ published in the September 24 edition of Imprint.

  1. Unctuous: (adj) 1.excessively flattering or ingratiating; 2. Oily (1. Quá lố, nịnh nọt, ngọt xớt; 2. Dầu mỡ)

Ex: She was even less pleasant than the metallic voice who caressed me with his unctuous assurances… ‘Your call is important to us.’

Roast them until they’re nearly burnt, then cover with cold water and simmer for up to two days (if you want to make a truly unctuous sauce there are no shortcuts).

  1. Accomplice: (n.) person who helps another commit a crime(đồng lõa, đồng phạm)

Ex: Three accomplices escaped and police fear they may try the same scam again.

  1. Annihilate: (v.) destroy (hủy diệt, bỏ đi)

Ex: Because the citizens believe the hurricane is going to annihilate the city, they are evacuating their homes.

  1. Arbitrary: (adj.) based on random choice or personal whim (tự ý, tự tiện)

Ex: Because the group could not come to a decision on lunch, Katherine made an arbitrary choice and ordered pizza.

  1. Brazen: (adj.) without shame (không biết xấu hổ)

Ex: When the actress took off her blouse in public, she shocked everyone with her brazen behavior.

  1. Catalyst: (n.) object used to create a change in something that is not affected by that chang (chất xúc tác)

Ex: The event was to be used as a catalyst for change and to bring new hope to residents in rundown areas of the city.

  1. Exodus: (n.) a large scale departure or flight (di cư, di tản, di dân)

Ex: One would think that the repeated occurrence of tornadoes in an area would prompt an exodus of the residents to a location with a more stable climate.

  1. Facilitate: (v.) make more easy, assist (hỗ trợ, tạo điều kiện)

Ex: The new software application will facilitate collaborative efforts between writers in different countries by allowing them to simultaneously type on one document.

  1. Incorrigible: (adj.) not able to be corrected; beyond control không thể sửa được,không thể khống chế)

Ex: Even after spending a year in jail, the young man remains incorrigible and unafraid of the law.

  1. Latent: (adj.) hiding (kín đáo, ngấm)

Ex: We were surprised at the response as well as the children’s latent talents.

  1. Morose: (adj)gloomy (ảm đạm, buồn rầu)

Ex: His lyrics have grown less morose and more philosophical, and he sings them with newfound expressiveness.

  1. Militant: (adj.) having political anger (chiến đấu, tranh đấu)

Ex: Because membership in the militant group is low, the members are trying to recruit people who are willing to fight for their beliefs.

  1. Opaque: (adj.) impervious to light, not transparent (mờ mịt, đục, tối tăm, không nhìn thấu)

Ex: I do not like my daughter’s friends because most of them wear pants which are not opaque and are far too revealing.

  1. Paramount: (adj.) supremely important (tối quan trọng, tối trọng yếu)

Ex: It is paramount I walk immediately after my knee surgery if I want to stimulate the blood flow in my leg.

  1. Prattle: (v.) to talk in an aimless, foolish or simple way; to babble.(nói chuyện tầm phào, chuyện vớ vẩn). (n.) baby talk ( cách nói chuyện trẻ con)

Ex: In the real world, if you’re prattling about stuff people don’t want to talk about, you’ll annoy them.

Now, you can’t hold him responsible for the random prattle of his sibling.

  1. Rebut: (v.) deny the validity of (bác bỏ, cự tuyệt)

Ex: Because it is impossible to rebut DNA evidence, there is no way the suspect can deny his presence at the crime scene.

  1. Reprimand: (v.) to scold; find fault with; (khiển trách, quở trách) (n.) a rebuke (lời khiển trách)

Ex: This dinner guest then begins to crow loudly at the dinner table, until she is strictly reprimanded by Monsieur Maillard to behave properly.

When I misbehaved in school, my teacher sent me home with a written reprimand for my parents to sign.

  1. Servitude: (n.) state of being a slave (sự nô lệ, sự quy phục)

Ex: Her status as slave condemns her to a life of servitude, with little or no control over her future.

  1. Slapdash: (adj.) careless and hasty (cẩu thả, không kỹ càng)

Ex: We ran out of time and had to use a slapdash solution that failed to fix the problem.

  1. Stagnant: (adj.) not flowing: said of water, as in a pool (ứ đọng, đình trệ, trì trệ)

Ex: Because John needs more money and his current salary has been stagnant for three years, he is looking for a new job.

  1. Succumb: (v.) to give way to a superior force, yield (ngã quỵ, đầu hàng, ngã gục)

Ex: Will they will stick to their ground and fight till the end, or succumb to the pressure?