IELTS Writing-Task 2: Dàn bài cho technology essay

Hôm nay cô chia sẻ cho các em template để viết một bài technology discussion essay cho IELTS Writing task 2 nhé. Các em cũng nên xem lại bài cách viết một bài discussion essay và cấu trúc bài viết ielts writing task 2 để áp dụng tốt template bên dưới nhé.

Dàn bài cho Technology essay



Dàn bài technology essay

Chú thích: Màu đỏ là phần template chính các em nên giữ lại.

Topic: Technology allow food to be produced in greater quantities and at lower prices. Some people believe this is a positive development, while others feel that the change is harmful.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Mở bài: 

Recently / Since technology has become so advanced / In modern times (không dùng nowadays), ______________ (hook) _______________. One of the highly controversial / One of the commonly debated issues today relates to whether this food technology is benefit or harmful to human health. This essay aims to investigate / examine both sides of the debate arriving at the conclusion that ______________ (thesis statement) ______________.

Thân bài: 

For the most part / On the first hand, scientific advances in food production have brought many advantages. Firstly, ________ (first idea) __________________________. Equally/ Also / Secondly, ___________ (second idea) _________________________. For example / For instance / For illustration, __________ (example) _______________.

Despite its advantages / However / On the other hand / Nonetheless, modern food technology is thought to be associated with some harmful effects. At first, __________ (first idea) ______________. Next, ________________ (second idea) __________________. For example / For instance / For illustration, __________________ (example) ______________________.

Kết luận: 

All in all/ To sum up / To conclude / Having considered both sides of this debate, _________ (conclusion) _____________________________.


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