Lên 7.5 IELTS Writing với 13 cấu trúc câu độc đáo

Chào các bạn, hôm nay IELTS Tố Linh xin chia sẻ với các bạn 13 cấu trúc câu sử dụng để ghi điểm trong bài thi IELTS Writing nhé. Để được band điểm cao trong IELTS, bạn rất cần những mẫu câu phức tạp, nhưng phải đủ dễ hiểu như thế này đấy.

Các cấu trúc band 7.5 cho IELTS Writing

1. When Subject + Verb + Object, Subject 1 +Verb 1 + Object 

Example: When a language dies out, a whole way of life disappears with it.

2. While Subject + Verb + Object, Subject 1 +Verb 1 + Object 

Example: While a host of students drop out after a few years studying, others finish academic courses with poor degrees.

3. Subject + Verb + Object, resulting in an increase/a decrease in + the number of something/the demand for something.

Example: A handful of citizens in the countryside migrate into metropolises, resulting in an increase in the demands for accommodation, food, and public services in urban areas.

4. Subject + Verb + Object, giving rise to something

Example: Advertisements provide more choices on what inhabitants want to purchase, giving rise to the consumerism.

5. By doing something, Subject + Verb + Object

Example: By applying environmentally – friendly technology, governments are likely to curb environmental deterioration.

6. Subject + Verb + Object, and/but/so + Subject 1 +Verb 1 + Object 1

Example: Tourism development has triggered negative effects on culture, but tourists are the main facilitators of cultural maintain.

7. Subject + Verb + Object, and this will + Verb + Object.

Example: The number of immigrants is increasing in Ho Chi Minh City, and this will put a strain on its accommodation.

8. Instead of + Verb-ing + Object, Subject + Verb + Object.

Example: Instead of eating convenient food, people should prepare meals at home.

9. Subject + Verb + Object. This allows/urges/encourage something/somebody to do something (This will discourage somebody from doing something).

Example: The utilization of cheap labor helps enterprises reduce their production cost. This encourages business expansion.

10. Compared to those who + Subject + Verb + Object, Subject + Verb + Object

Example: Compared to those who hold high school qualifications, university graduates often have more employment opportunities.

11. If Subject + Verb + Object, Subject + Verb + Object

Example: If a private car is restricted, inhabitants would opt for public transport such as buses or subways.

12. Subject + Verb + Object [that Subject 1 + Verb 1 + Object 1], because Subject 2 + Verb 2 + Object 2

Example: I partly disagree with the idea that advertising has adverse influences on our lives because I recognize a number of benefits it brings to society.

13. When Subject + Verb + Object, Subject 1 + Verb 1 + Object 1, Verb-ing + Object.

Example: When  the government pays for tuition fees, the constraint of finance is removed, encouraging a greater number of students to attend academic courses