Speaking rôm rả với bộ từ vựng miêu tả người theo 12 chủ đề cực độc

Miêu tả người là nội dung xuất hiện với cường độ cực kì dày trong phần thi Speaking. Để đạt được điểm cao bạn cần có vốn từ vựng cho từng loại người cụ thể. Sau đây Linh xin giới thiệu với các bộ từ vựng “cực chất” miêu tả người cho 13 tính cách khác nhau. Ngoài ra, nói đến người thì không thể không nói đến gia đình đúng không, vậy nên chủ đề Family là một chủ đề có liên quan và cũng là một chủ đề khá phổ biến trong IELTS Speaking. Thế nên các bạn đã học được từ vựng về người theo 12 chủ đề thì cũng đừng bỏ qua Idiom về chủ đề Family – không chỉ với từ vựng, Family còn có những Idiom các bạn nên biết, sẽ rất hữu ích cho bài nói của các bạn đó. Các bạn hãy học thật chăm chỉ nhé!

Từ vựng miêu tả người theo chủ đề trong IELTS
  1. Người mà bạn ngưỡng mộ
  • a role model – someone you want to be like
  • someone to look up to – someone you admire
  • be an inspiration (to) – be the sort of person other people want to be like
  • a natural leader – someone who other people will follow
  • lead by example – set a good example for others to follow

Ex: She’s always been my role model and someone I’ve looked up to. I think it’s her ability to inspire people that I admire most as she’s a natural leader. Although in fact she’s fairly quiet and doesn’t say much but just leads by example. 

  1. Người hài hước
  • have a good/keen sense of humour – to know when something is funny
  • be witty – be clever and funny
  • be able to make people laugh/smile –
  • be able to laugh at yourself (and not just others) 
  • be a great storyteller/raconteur 
  • (like) to see the funny side – will laugh even when the situation is serious/bad

Ex: Amy has a really good sense of humour – she’s not just a great storyteller, she’s also able to laugh at herself and make other people see the funny side of serious situations. Lots of times she manages to break the tension by making people smile at what’s going on.

  1. Người khéo léo
  • smart cookie (I) – an idiom for someone who is clever
  • sharp – another clever idiom – able to see the main point
  • a straight A student –  someone who did well at school
  • always one step ahead – an idiom for someone who is clever in a more practical way
  • able to see the big picture – someone who understands the complete situation and doesn’t get confused by details

Ex: My brother’s definitely a smart cookie – one of the most intelligent people I know. He wasn’t in fact a straight A student at school but he’s really sharp and always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Most people I know get confused and but he’s always able to see the big picture and he invariably makes the right choices.

  1. Người biết quan tâm
  • open-minded/tolerant – willing to accept other people’s beliefs
  • always sees both sides of the argument  – someone who will look at other points of view
  • laid back/easy-going – someone who doesn’t get easily upset and likes to get on with other people – sometimes a less positive characteristic
  • be helpful – nothing is ever too much trouble – someone who will do things to help even if it is not convenient
  • considerate  – think about the needs of other people
  • generous to a fault – be extremely generous

Ex: One of Peter’s best qualities is that he’s so open-minded – he deals with everyone equally no matter what their background and he’ll sit and listen to their problems. His door is always open and nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he’s forever helping someone out with something. 

  1. Người thân thiện
  • sociable – outgoing
  • get on well with people – be good at relationships
  • life and soul of the party – the sort of person who is lively at parties
  • good company – someone who other people enjoy being around
  • has a wide circle of friends – has a lot of friends
  • likes to be the centre of attention – can be a more negative comment for someone who is self-centred
  • always sees the bright side – an optimist

Ex: Andrea is quite different from me – perhaps that’s why we get on so well. While I’m quite quiet she’s really outgoing and the life and the soul of the party. She’s great company and people just love to be around her and she has a really wide circle of friends. Her best quality is that she’s so positive and always looks on the bright side of things. 

  1. Người trầm tính
  • a wall flower – an idiom for someone who doesn’t participate in parties much – generally a negative phrase
  • keep yourself to yourself – to prefer to be alone
  • be a private person – not to go out much
  • not much of a social butterfly –  a social butterfly is someone who enjoys parties and going out – perhaps too much
  • have a small circle of friends – have fewer friends

Ex: I wouldn’t say that she’s a wallflower exactly but she does like to keep herself to herself and isn’t much of a social butterfly. You rarely see her at parties and I think she’s just a fairly private person who prefers to have a smallish circle of friends.

  1. Người tham vọng
  • wants to get ahead in life/ wants to make something of themselves – someone who is ambitious
  • driven/motivated – someone who tires hard to achieve things
  • determined – someone who is prepared to work hard for what they want
  • single -minded – someone who is focused on their goals and doesn’t get distracted
  • a real go-getter – an idiom for someone who is proactive and works for what they want
  • career minded/ put your job first – the job is more important than family or friends
  • be married to your job – 

Ex: I guess he’s the most ambitious person I know – he’s very driven and has always wanted to make something of himself. Even at school he was career minded and you could see that he would end up running a big business – and it’s not really a surprise now that he’s married to his job.

  1. Người kiên định
  • self-possessed – someone who isn’t affected too much by others and remains calm and confident
  • have her head screwed on – an idiom for someone who is intelligent in a practical way
  • be a very grounded person/keep both feet on the ground – someone who doesn’t get carried away by their emotions
  • keep things in perspective/proportion – be able to see how important things really are – often when there is a problem
  • be sensible – be intelligent in a practical way
  • be a good listener – someone who will listen to other people and just let them talk about their problems
  • know the right thing to say – give good advice to people with problems

Ex: Whenever I have a problem I go to Gina – she’s extremely sensible and you can rely on her for some clear and realistic advice. She’s always seems to know the right thing to say and she’s a great listener too. She just seems to know what’s important in life and is very grounded – I’ve never known her to get carried away.

  1. Người có phong cách thời trang tốt
  • have a sense of style – have your own ideas about what is fashionable and not do/wear what is trendy/popular
  • have a good eye for – an idiom for someone who can see what is stylish
  • have good taste – be able to judge what is stylish
  • be a fashionista/fashion victim – be someone who will buy all the latest clothes
  • a real individual – someone who has their own sense of style and doesn’t follow what other people like
  • not follow the pack/crowd – do or think what most other people think because it is popular
  • a trendsetter – be the sort of person who is the first to do something

Ex: Patricia is the most stylish person I know – she just has excellent taste. I wouldn’t say that she is trendy or particularly fashionable but she always seems to wear the right clothes for the occasion – she has great taste.

  1. Người trưởng thành
  • responsible – someone who knows their duty
  • conscientious – takes time and trouble to do what they need to do
  • mature – not just a question of age but attitude
  • have an old head on young shoulders – be more mature even if they are young
  • trustworthy – someone who you can trust
  • someone you can bank on – someone you can rely on
  • always there for you – someone who you can rely on
  • be level-headed/not lose your head – not panic if there is a problem or get carried away their emotions

Ex: Annabelle is the most responsible person I know and is really trustworthy – if you ask her to do something you can be sure she’ll get it done. You can just bank on her. More than that she’s very level-headed and never gets carried away but will stay calm in a crisis. She’s a great person to have around when things go wrong.

  1. Người cứng rắn
  • have a strong character/be strong-willed – do what you want even when there is opposition
  • assertive – someone who is confident enough to say what they want
  • have/get your own way – make other people do what you want
  • be a force of nature – have a very strong character and be able to make other people do what you want even against their will
  • never takes no for an answer – someone who is not put off by opposition
  • doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet – someone who takes immediate action
  • direct – someone who is honest and clear and does not worry too much about politeness – can be a negative term
  • always get straight to the point – be direct  in the way you speak
  • call a spade a spade – an idiom  for someone who is direct

Ex: Alice is certainly an assertive character and she almost gets her own her way – there are very few people who are able to stand up to her. I suppose you could almost say she’s like a force of nature in this respect. And while I do admire her for strength of mind there are times when she won’t take no for an answer and won’tt compromise at all and  this can make her difficult to deal with. 

  1. Thành viên trong gia đình
  • a typical family man – someone who prefers to spend his time at home with his family
  • put your family first – the family is more important than career
  • very maternal – the quality of a mother – be caring and supportive
  • be a chip of the old block – be very similar to your mother/father