Tổng hợp 96 synonyms trong bộ CAM đi cùng thời đại


Tiếp tục hành trình vớt CAM lên và học^^ …Hôm nay cô thân gửi đến các em phần cuối cùng của series- 96 từ đồng nghĩa từ trong CAM 9 để giúp các em  làm reading tăng band vù vù nhé và nó cũng có thể phục vụ cho việc paraphrase các đề Writing Task 2 nhé các em.

Chúc các em học tốt <3 

P/S: CAM đi một nửa hồn em mất, một nửa hồn em bỗng dại khờ.

Cambridge 9 TEST 1

  1. recognise one’s ability/ perceive one’s talent/one’s talent be perceived
  2. incomplete fossilised remains/ only fragments are found
  3. sth that made him rich and famous/ sth bring him both fame and fortune
  4. Immediately understand/instant recognition
  5. indicate/ demonstrate / disclose / display / exhibit/ express/ hint/

imply/ point out/ pr esent/ reveal/ show /signify/suggest

  1. resemble/ pretty well like/ be similar to/ same as
  2. now/ current/present/happening
  3. transmission/ sending information
  4. response/ reply
  5. ground rules/ assumptions underlying the research
  6. likelihood/ it seems/ perhaps, guess, estimate
  7. life expectancy/ the lifetime of
  8. most powerful/ the largest/ the biggest/ the best/ the greatest
  9. consult/ ask advice of
  10. promptly/ immediately/instantly
  11. migrant/ migrate/ migration
  12. before/ in advance/ prior/ previously/ former
  13. make big changes/ redesign/modification/alteration
  14. lack/ never/no/not/in need of/want
  15. enrol in a school/attend a school.
  16. determine/ decide
  17. obtain/ acquire/ earn / gain / get/ procure/ receive / secure
  18. dense/ tight/thick/heavy
  19. refer to/ known as

Cambridge 9 TEST 2

  1. Initiative/initiate/ launch/ pioneer/introduce/ develop
  2. strategy Hypothesis/guess/ speculation/ possibility/theory/potential
  3. Global/international
  4. Team effort/ institutional working party
  5. National policy/New Zealand
  6. Cooling systems/ air-conditioning/mechanical means of ventilation
  7. Worldwide regulations/ international standard
  8. Medical conditions/ illness/ disease
  9. Place…at risk/ leave…vulnerable
  10. Auditory problems/hearing loss
  11. Study/carry out research
  12. Machinery noise/ noise generated by machine
  13. Child which have not been diagnosed/ undiagnosed children
  14. Current teaching method/ modern teaching practices
  15. Suitable/appropriate
  16. Different/distinct/varied/reverse
  17. Prevent/keep from/inhibit/stop/thwart
  18. Potential/future/be expected to be/possible/likely
  19. Fail to do/never/not/unable to do
  20. Calculate/determine the value
  21. Be worked out/be calculated
  22. Realise/recognise/show/see/understand
  23. Witness/view/see/observe
  24. Distorted/look smeared/not circular


Cambridge 9 TEST 3

  1. Competitive/competitors/competition
  2. Misrepresented/paint unreal pictures
  3. Grammatical rules/ rules of grammar
  4. Rely on previous events/draw on past experience
  5. A result of/ a product of
  6. Pitfalls/ traps/snares
  7. Exposure to …/bombard…with
  8. Receptive/receive/embrace/accept/agree
  9. Novelty/new experience
  10. Fear/phobia
  11. Embarrassment/ridicule
  12. Psychological illness/mental disorder
  13. Decide/decision
  14. Scientific/science/technology/technological
  15. Argue/argument/debate/debatable/discuss/dispute/disputable
  16. Understandable/understand/reasonable
  17. Be affected by/influence
  18. Still exist/be still with us
  19. Stop/halt/prevent/end
  20. Pointless/not/no point of
  21. Achievement/success
  22. The custom of speaking/ popular speech
  23. Because/thus/It is… that /so
  24. Alternative/choice/way/replacement


Cambridge 9 TEST 4

  1. Back into Britain/ re-import into Britain
  2. Reliable/predictable
  3. Cut down/reduce
  4. Increase income/export earner
  5. Power station/power plant
  6. In the vicinity of/around/nearby
  7. Extraction of seaweed/clean seaweed
  8. Result from/cause
  9. In danger/at risk
  10. Comparatively/relatively
  11. Explanation/explain/reason
  12. Transmission of information/information pass on/information send


  1. Unnecessary/redundant/superfluous
  2. Incident/event
  3. Initially/originally
  4. Be about to stop working/on the brink of failing
  5. Be used to/by means of
  6. Send messages over distances/transmit information from place to place
  7. Signal strength/ strength of the signal
  8. From her childhood/when she was a child
  9. Her children were born/birth of her two daughters
  10. Marie took over the teaching position/she was appointed to the


  1. Have the same property/…is true for …
  2. Receive recognition/be awarded



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