Tổng hợp những idioms thông dụng trong Speaking Ielts (part 2)

Áp dụng Idioms sẽ khiến cách nói của chúng ta giống người bản xứ hơn.Cho nên để ngày thứ 7  học tập và làm việc hiệu quả , IELTS TỐ LINH xin chia sẻ cho các bạn những idioms thông dụng IELTS  để học dần nha.


  1. Air one’s dirty laundry in public: vạch áo cho người xem lưng

He is a very private person. If he has a problem in his family he doesn’t want to air his dirty laundry in public

  1. An arm and a leg: rất đắt đỏ

 It cost an arm and a leg to fix the stove

  1. Ants in one’s pants: lo lắng đứng ngồi không yên

He wasn’t sure if he would be chosen to win the award. He had ants in his pants.

  1. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: con nhà tông không giống lông cũng giống cánh.

 He acts just like his father. You know, the apple doesn’t fall far fom the tree.

  1. Apple of one’s eye: người yêu quý nhất

 Although he loves his son, his daughter is the apple of his eye.

  1. At one’s beck and call: hoàn toàn phục tùng ai

Whenever she calls him, he’s always helping her. He is at her beck and call.

  1. At the end of one’s rope: hết giới hạn chịu đựng

I’ve tried every which way to figure out this problem but I can’t. I’m at the end of my rope!

  1. Back on one’s feet: phục hồi trở lại

 Since sales improved, he is doing better and he’s getting back on his feet.

  1. Back out of: không giữ đúng hẹn, nuốt lời. I made a deal with my friend to help him at work. When I became too busy, I had to back out of
  2. Bail one out: giúp thoát ra khỏi

Thanks for picking me up when my car broke down. You really bailed me out of a bad situation.

  1. Bang for the buck: kết quả đầu tư đáng đồng tiền bát gạo

Newspaper advertising works well for us because we get the best bang for the buck.

  1. Bark up the wrong tree: nhầm to

 If he thinks that I’m going to help him paint his house, well he’s barking up the wrong tree.

  1. Be beside one’s self: không tự kìm chế được, quýnh quáng lên

I was so mad when I heard that she was making up stories about me that I was beside myself

  1. Beat around the bush: nói vòng vo tam quốc

 I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him that he wasn’t selected for the team. So when he asked me if I had any information, I basically beat around the bush.

  1. Bend over backwards: cố gắng hết sức mình

He’ll bend over backwards to help any of his friends.

  1. Big shot: nhân vật quan trọng.

 Since he was given a promotion, he’s been acting like a big shot.

  1. Blow it: làm sai

I knew I blew it when I forgot my lines in the play.

  1. Bone to pick with someone: có chuyện muốn nói (1 cách giận dữ)

 I heard that you have rejected my proposal. I’m upset and have a bone to pick with you.

  1. Bookworm: mọt sách

The library is the perfect place for her to work because she is such a bookworm.

  1. Bottom line: kết quả tất yếu

He never practiced the piano, so the bottom line is, he can’t play very well.

  1. Bread and butter: nhu cầu cơ bản của cuộc sống

The voters are worried about bread and butter issues like jobs and taxes.

  1. Break one’s neck: nai lưng ra làm cật lực

She broke her neck last night trying to finalize the proposal.

  1. Break the ice: phá vỡ bầu không khí ngại ngùng ban đầu

He started the meeting by telling a joke. He was hoping the joke would break the ice.

  1. Break the news: báo tin xấu

 She broke the news and told him that she was going to move to another city.

  1. Breathe a word: tiết lộ

Please don’t breathe a word of this to anyone.

  1. Bring home the bacon: kiếm tiền nuôi sống gia đình

He stays home and raises the children and she brings home the bacon.

  1. Buckle down: học hành, làm việc nghiêm túc

 Last semester his grades were very low, so this year he decided to buckle down

  1. Burn a hole in one’s pocket: tiêu hoang phung phí

The bonus he received must have burned a hole in his pocket. He ended up buying a car the next day

  1. Bury the hatchet: làm hoà

 Although we had gotten into a big fight last month, we decided to bury the hatchet and become friends again

  1. By hook or by crook: bằng mọi giá

Even though we have to fly to get to your wedding, we will be there by hook or by crook.

  1. By the skin of one’s teeth: suýt tí nữa là

Our team won by the skin of our teeth.

  1. Call it quits: dừng, kết thúc

 I have worked all day and am exhausted. I‘ve decided to call it quits.

  1. Catch someone red-handed: bắt quả tang

 The police came and the bank robber was caught red-handed

  1. Chip off the old block: con giống ba mẹ như đúc

 He reminds me so much of his father. He’s a chip off the old block.

  1. Come a long way: rất tiến bộ

 He came a long way in his recovery from surgery.

  1. Come apart at the seams: mất kiểm soát

 I almost came apart at the seams when I saw the taxicab hit my car.

  1. Come hell or high water: dù có chuyện gì xảy ra đi nữa

Come hell or high water, I’ll for sure be at that meeting.

  1. Come through with flying colors: thành công mỹ mãn

When he graduated with honors, it was evident that he came through with flying color.

  1. Cook someone’s goose: gây bất lợi cho ai đó

 He knew that when he was caught in a lie his goose was cooked.

  1. Cream of the crop: tốt nhất, đỉnh của đỉnh

This university only accepts the cream of the crop.

  1. Crocodile tears: nước mắt cá sấu

He cried crocodile tears when he discovered that he couldn’t go to the meeting.

  1. Cut the mustard: đủ khả năng để làm gì

He wasn’t able to cut the mustard so he had to leave the army aſter only one year.

  1. Cut someone down to size: kéo ai đó về thực tế

 John thought he was the smartest student in the class. We needed to cut him down to size.

  1. Dead-end job: công việc không có tương lai

He decided to go back to college because he realized he had a dead- end job.

  1. Do the trick: làm mẹo đó sẽ thành công

 The recipe needs a little help. I think salt may do the trick.

  1. Doctor it up: sửa tạm thời

The hem on the dress ripped. I doctored it up with some tape.

  1. Double-cross: phản bội.

 I cannot double-cross my best friend.

  1. Down in the dumps: buồn

She’s been down in the dumps ever since she lost her job.

  1. Down the drain: đổ sông đổ biển

I don’t like to throw my money down the drain.

  1. Down to earth: thực tế

 My fiancée is friendly and sensible. She’s very down to earth.

  1. Draw the line: đặt giới hạn cho điều gì đó

He sets an early curfew for his children. He draws the line at 10:00 PM.

  1. Dressed to kill: mặc đồ đẹp chết người

She was dressed to kill when I saw her at the convention last year.

  1. Drop in the bucket: chỉ là một giọt nước trong đại dương

The cost of fixing the sink is a drop in the bucket compared to replacing the whole sink.

  1. Eager beaver: người tham công tiếc việc

Charlie gets to work at 7:00 am everyday. He is an eager beaver.

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