Tổng hợp những idioms thông dụng trong Speaking Ielts (part 3)

Cô thân gửi các em một số idioms phổ biến trong Ielts nè nha ^^
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  1. Go from bad to worse: càng ngày càng tệ hơn

Sales have been very slow this season, but this was the worst week of all. It seems like it’s going from bad to worse.

  1. Go up in smoke: tan thành mây khói

 She was going to go on a vacation, but her mother got sick. Her plans have gone up in smoke.

  1. Handle with kid gloves: xử sự khéo léo tế nhị

His wife gets upset very easily. He has to handle her with kid gloves.

  1. Hang in there: đừng bỏ cuộc

I know you want to quit school, but hang in there. You only have 4 more weeks before your graduation.

  1. Have a good head on one’s shoulders: thông minh sáng suốt

You have a good head on your shoulders and I’m sure you’ll do fine in college.

  1. Have one’s feet on the ground: nhạy bén, tinh tế

She’ll make a great wife and mother because she has got both feet on the ground.

  1. Have one’s head in the clouds: mơ mộng hão huyền

 Even though she is a terrible actress, she thinks someday she will be a movie star. She has got her head in the clouds.

  1. Have one’s heart set on: khao khát, quyết tâm làm gì

 The boy had his heart set on getting a puppy.

  1. Have the heart to: lỡ miệng nói với ai

I know there was just a death in her family. I don’t have the heart to ask her when she is coming back to work.

  1. Have two strikes against someone: gặp tình huống khó khăn, ít cơ hội thành công

 He wanted the job but he can’t write and he has difficulty speaking on the phone. He’s got two strikes against him already.

  1. Hit the bottle : say sưa rượu chè

He hits the bottle every time he has some family trouble.

  1. Hit the ceiling: nổi giận

I hit the ceiling when I found out that she broke my computer.

  1. Hit below the belt: chơi xấu, gây tổn thương người khác

I have been upset ever since she made that awful comment to me. It really hit below the belt.

  1. Hit the sack: đi ngủ

I was so tired last night, that I hit the sack as soon as I got home.

  1. Hit the spot: thoả mãn điều thèm muốn, quá đã

We sat in the sun and hadn’t had a drink all day. That cold glass of water really hit the spot.

  1. Hold one’s horses: đừng vội, hãy kiên nhẫn

 I can’t leave the office yet. I’m waiting for an important phone call. Just hold your horses.

  1. Hush-hush: bí mật

The birthday party is a surprise. Please don’t tell anyone, it’s hush-hush.

  1. In black and white: lập thành văn bản

The salesman said that he would give me a 5 year warranty on my purchase. I told him to put it in black and white.

  1. In nothing flat: nhanh chóng

When he heard that I was taking him out to dinner, he got dressed in nothing flat.

  1. In seventh heaven: rất vui sướng

 I begin my month long vacation tomorrow. I’m in seventh heaven.

  1. In the bag: chắc như bắp

The job interview went very well and I think I will be hired. I am confident that it’s in the bag.

  1. In the long run: về lâu dài

If you study hard in school, in the long run you will be successful.

  1. Iron out: giải quyết

Even though the two men do not get along, they are both willing to iron out their problems.

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