Top 12 từ tiếng anh bạn đang hiểu nhầm nghĩa



  1. Historical

You think it means: historic

It means: Pertaining to the past, but not necessarily important to it or a part of it

  1. Novel

You think it means: any book

It means: A book that is a work of fiction

  1. Less

You think it means: fewer

It means: A smaller amount of uncountable nouns.

  1. Continual

You think it means: with no interruptions

It means: Duration over a long period of time, not necessarily without interruption.

  1. Infamous

You think it means: famous

It means: Having extremely bad reputation; never used in a positive manner.

  1. Systematic

You think it means: systemic, pertaining to or affecting the body as a whole

It means: Involving a system, method, or plan; orderly

  1. Proscribe

You think it means: prescribe; to order the use of something, such as medication; to direct or dictate

It means: To denounce, banish, outlaw, or exile

  1. Penultimate

You think it means: above, beyond, or better than ultimate

It means: Next to last

  1. Precocious

You think it means: cautious or misbehaving

I means: Unusually advanced in development, especially mentally

  1. Alternate

You think it means: alternative

It means: To interchange successively or regularly

  1. Moot

You think it means: no longer open for debate or closed to discussion; factually wrong

It means: Open for debate; an assembly of authoritative persons; or an argument or discussion

  1. Nauseous

You think it means: nauseated

It means: To induce nausea.