5 cách thần thánh để kéo dài bài speaking

Bạn đã bao giờ nghe rất nhiều tips speaking IELTS kiểu như “nói dài ra, nói nhiều vào” (EXPAND YOUR ANSWERS!) chưa, nhưng mà không có ý tưởng, không có hướng phát triển thì phải làm như thế nào? Hôm nay cô có một đống các giải pháp cho trường hợp “tắt ý” Speaking IELTS kèm ví dụ cho các bạn đây. Đọc ngay để né cảnh “nghẹn họng trân trối nhìn giám khảo” nha!

Các tips hay để mở rộng cho IELTS Speaking

1. Cho ví dụ cụ thể hoặc facts

  • For example,…
  • For instance,…
  • In particular,…
  • Particularly….
  • Such as…,…..,
  • Like…..

Q. How successful would you say these measures have been?
A. These measures are successful to some extent but if I present it in figures, it would only a few percentages than the actual progress we expect. For instance: more than three thousand hospitals are required throughout the country whereas only 45 hospitals have been established in the last one year.

Q.Are there other ways people can learn about history, apart from at school? How?
A. Definitely, there are many other ways people can learn about history and that varies from reading books till travelling to historically important places.

First books offer us an excellent opportunity to learn about the world history. If someone is interested in learning the History, he has countless options to read famous and resourceful historical books. Apart from that, many television channels, like History Channel, National Geography Channel, Discovery Channel etc. offer excellent documentaries on history that can be very helpful for learning about world history. Libraries and museums could be other two important resources for people to learn about history. When people travel to different places, they can also learn about the historical significant of such places.

Q. What method of learning works best for you?
A. I prefer to work in a pair for the complex topics and subjects. The group discussion, in particular, works best for me. When I study in a group I can discuss my views and learn opinions of others. Thus the discussion is always helpful and I can better perform in an exam and remember the details for a long.

Q. How easy is it to find a place to live in your country?
A. Well, it depends on how much money you are able to spend and where exactly you want to live. Of course, if you have the money, it’s very easy to find a place to live. However, house prices have been on the rise in recent years, and it is becoming difficult for young adults to buy their first homes, or even to pay rental prices in some areas, particularly in central London.

2. Cho ý kiến cá nhân, trải nghiệm, suy nghĩ, và cảm nghĩ

  • In my opinion, …
  • In my point of view,…
  • From my perspective/experience, …
  • On my part, …
  • To me, …
  • I’m pretty sure that….
  • In my case…
  • I personally believe/think / feel/guess that….
  • It’s my opinion that…

Q. What role do you think extracurricular activities play in education?
A. Extracurricular activities sharpen the minds of students and enhance their creativity. Activities that require physical movements keep their body fit and thus the importance of extracurricular activities are immense. It is often experienced that kids who have interests in sports and games outperform the others in many fields. Extracurricular activities like singing, debating, painting can be very handy in terms of career enhancement. Students who have extracurricular activities possess better leadership and social activities. Finally from my experience, I can say that such students have better knowledge about the world than students who are solely focused on academic lessons.

Q. Do you think that people become better communicators as they get older?
A. I think that people’s ability to communicate does improve with age because generally speaking, people get more confident as they gain more experience of life and I believe that confidence is a major factor. On the other hand, some people may become more self-conscious as they got older, particularly when they reach certain stages in their life such as adolescence. For me personally, I feel that I’m a better communicator now than when I was younger.

Q. Do you agree that it’s important for people of different ages to do leisure activities together?
A. I think in some cases it could be important for people of different ages to do leisure activities together. For example, parents or even grandparents can enjoy doing fun things with their children or grandchildren, like, you know, things that don’t require a lot of physical ability such as playing games, reading or cooking. I guess that sometimes it is very important for older people to do things with younger ones, especially more difficult skills that need to be taught like … I don’t know … martial arts or playing a musical instrument.

Q. What is the most impactful piece of technology in our lives?
A. In my point of view, the Internet is the most important technological advance of our time… It gives us so many new opportunities to discover anything we want about our world! You just need to boot up your computer an go online… And with wireless networks at home and public Wi-Fi hotspots we can do it easily and almost everywhere.

3. Giải thích, nguyên nhân, kết quả

  • Because/because of
  • Due to…
  • …..lead to…..
  • …contribute
  • Since
  • So….
  • As a result,…

Q. Which environmental problems are people most concerned about in your country?
A. I think people in my country are most concerned about future shortages of fresh drinking water, which I suppose is both a result of poor water management and general global warming. I think everyone is feeling the effects of the latter problem which is causing us to experience more extreme temperatures, for example, much colder winters and much hotter summers. The long hot summers are particularly worrying in the south of the country where there is a real risk of drought due to the consistent lack of rainfall.

Q. Do you think that the advance of technology has improved standards of education in schools?
A. I think the growth of the internet has had a major impact on current teaching methods and I’m sure general standards have improved as a result. I strongly believe that the motivation for both learning and teaching has increased because of the phenomenal amount of information now available to both students and teachers. On the other hand, due to a danger of information overload, some people may be put off using technology in the classroom, wishing for a return to more traditional methods.

Q. Is there a system of free state education in your country?
A. In my country there is a state education system offering free education for children from 3-18, although parents still have to pay for food, materials, school trips and other extra-curricular activities. This is only one part of the system, however, because there are also private schools and semi-private schools, which are partly funded by the state. So on the one hand it appears that we do have free state education, but in actual fact it isn’t available to everyone because places are limited.

4. Cho 1 ý kiến trái chiều, ý kiến khác, bình luận và chứng minh ý kiến đó sai hoặc có thể đúng trong trường hợp khác (two-way discussion)

  • Some (would) people argue/say/complain/state that …
  • There is an opinion that …
  • Some/many people may think/say that …
  • On the other hand/side…
  • For others/some people,…
  • But it’s also true when…
  • …., in this case,…

Q. Do you think that gaming has a bad influence on children?
A. Many people argue that gaming has a negative influence on the young generation. This actually depends on what type of video games they play and how much time they spend playing them. If you spend an appropriate amount of time playing video games, it’s good for relaxing and releasing stress. But if you play too much, like more than 2 hours a day, it’s a waste of time and you won’t have enough time to do other tasks.

Q. In your opinion, is writing a good career choice then?
A. There are many famous authors like Stephen King who has written books for decades and J K Rowling who created Harry Potter. They have had amazing careers and have also made a lot of money in the process. On the other hand, for every Stephen King there are probably a 10,000 failed writers and even some of his books have not been well received. It’s a tough industry because so many people want to become writers and so it’s extremely difficult to write something original and even then it’s not guaranteed to sell.

Q. Does fame generally bring happiness to the individual?
A. I think that becoming famous tends to make people content for several reasons. The first is that fame is linked to success, so people will feel that they have achieved their ambitions and made it in life. Secondly, fame brings wealth enabling people to afford expensive items and to live the high life, which is something that many of us dream about. On the other side, fame can make people extremely unhappy, especially in terms of the unwanted invasion of privacy from the media. Also, I think that the expression ‘money can’t buy happiness’ is very true.

Q. Why people choose to become teachers?
A. For some people, it is their dream and passion to become a teacher. For others, it is just a job and they are teachers because they have not got any other better professions. For others, teaching is a noble profession and they never leave this profession even though they can switch their jobs. In many societies, people honor and respect those who are in the teaching profession and that is why many people chose to become teachers.

5. So sánh quá khứ, hiện tại, tình huống giả định

  • In the past/future, ……
  • Before…..
  • n years ago/later, …..
  • When I was little,….
  • In/during ….
  • ….but nowadays….
  • Hypothetically,
  • If…
  • ….may be….
  • Let’s say/assume that,…

Q. Do children nowadays love reading?
A. I’m afraid not. Children nowadays prefer to play games on iPod and in other gaming devices, rather than reading books. In our childhood, reading books was the main activity among children but nowadays children have electronic gadgets and internet connection to spend time. So they read less on an average than our generation.

Q. Do you think it was different for your grandparents?
A. I think it was not much different. The electronic gadgets would be the latest additions, though. During my grandparent’s era, the symbols of status were land ownership, political influence, big houses, and expensive cars – which were quite similar as they are today. I guess the so-called status symbols are quite materialistic in our society and that’s why it was not much different for my grandparents as well.

Q. How would you improve the public transport system?
A. I think the government should provide some video cameras and other means of security inside these public transportations, in order to reduce the crime rate, and they should also improve the vehicle maintenance and replace some of the old ones. If I get the chance, I will appoint more security guards in those public transpiration systems. I would also improve the quality of those transportations and would introduce many new vehicles.

Q.What are the qualities of a good leader?
A. I think it is really important for a good leader to have integrity in his life. As he leads an institution or a company, he should lead by example. Hypothetically, when a boss wants all of his employees to come to work on time, he should not come late. And then a good leader would not only give orders to his team. He should be open minded and listen to the ideas of his teams. With this kind of attitudes, many people would respect and admire him.

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