6 cách thành lập Collocation band 8.0+

Sau khi đã đến với Collocation chủ đề Education trong chuyên mục “Collocation theo chủ đề”thì hôm nay, trong bài viết này chúng ta sẽ tạm gác các chủ đề qua một bên và cô sẽ giới thiệu đến các em 6 cách giúp các em có thể tự thành lập 1 collocation chất lượng, chuẩn ngữ pháp, đơn giản nhưng cực kỳ academic cho sĩ tử Ielts. Khi học theo cách thành lập này, não mình sẽ tiếp nhận thông tin có thứ lớp hơn, đang nghĩ tới cụm collocation này có thể liên hệ ra những collocation liên quan, từ đó hình thành phản xạ nhanh nhạy cho speaking và không bao giờ sợ sai grammar trong writing. Sẵn tiện cô cũng list ra các cụm collocation rất phổ biến trong Ielts để làm ví dụ minh hoạ luôn, các em áp dụng thử nhé, study and enjoy with Ielts Tố Linh nào^^

1. Adv – V

Positively/Negatively affect/influence

  • Smoking negatively affects people’s health.

Closely examine

  • The factors causing environmental pollution should be closely examined.

Carefully analyze

  • This essay shall carefully analyze the problems of climate change.

Support financially/emotionally

  • Governments should support financially artists working in traditional art fields.

Develop mentally/physically

  • Children attending soft skill courses at early age could develop both mentally and physically.

Strictly control

  • The government should strictly control the amount of violence on films and other TV programs

Partly/Totally agree/disagree

  • I partly agree with the idea that zoos should be closed for the sake of animal’s right.

Strictly enforce

  • The authority should strictly enforce the traffic law in order to reduce the number of road accidents.

Be commonly believed

  • It is commonly believed that globalization brings enormous benefits to international corporations.

Greatly benefit

  • The development of the tourist industry greatly benefits local people in tourist attractions.

Seriously damage

  • Emissions of toxic chemicals from factories seriously damage the environment in their surrounding areas.

2.  V-noun

Provide support for

  • Big companies and organizations should provide support for poor and elite students.

Play an important role

  • Investment in cutting-edge technology plays an important role in the sustainable development of any country.

Commit a crime

  • There are an increasing number of young people who commit crimes without being aware of the serious consequences.

Invest money in

  • Non-governmental organizations are encouraged to invest money in vocational training for people in less developed areas.

Encourage investment in

  • The government should encourage investment in infrastructure development in remote areas.

Solve a problem

  • It is not easy to completely solve the problem of urban waste.

Tackle an issue

  • In order to tackle the issue of online piracy, Internet users should limit sharing personal information online

Overcome a difficulty

  • People can easily overcome the difficulty of learning a foreign language when watching films imported from other countries.

3. Adj – Noun

Clear/obvious advantages/disadvantages/benefits/drawbacks

  • There are many clear drawbacks of the over-consumption of fast food among young people in developed countries.
  • Gaining more work experience during university time is an obvious benefit of having a part time job.

Environmental pollution

  • Environmental pollution has attracted much public concern over the past decades.

Global warming

  • Global warming has caused severe effects on the changing living environment of inhabitants on earth.

Climate change

  • Human activities have greatly contributed to climate change and many natural disasters lately.

Public transport

  • Encouraging people to use public transport would help to significantly reduce traffic jam in crowded cities.

Private vehicles

  • Governments should tax those using private vehicles heavily so that the amount of traffic congestion could be reduced.

Toxic waste/chemicals + Polluted industries

  • Toxic chemicals from polluted industries bring about many dangerous effects on living creatures in the surrounding area.

Urban planning

  • Urban planning is a necessary step toward successful urbanization.

Rush hour

  • Restriction on the use of private cars during rush hour plays a part in minimizing traffic jam in urban areas.

High population density

  • Nuclear power plants should be placed far away from areas with high population density.

4. Noun- Noun

Air pollution

  • Air pollution is an inevitable result of industrial activities.

Co2 emissions

  • Trees play a role in absorbing CO2 emissions and mitigating greenhouse effect.

Culture shock

  • International students often experience culture shock on their first times abroad.

Life expectancy

  • Human life expectancy has been massively improved by advances in medical technology.

Urbanization process

  • The urbanization process is taking place rapidly in developing countries.

Population boom

  • Population boom is evident in regions without appropriate birth control methods.

Housing/accommodation problems

  • Besides daily living costs, housing problems are an obstacle for people with low income.

Traffic accidents/ congestion/jam

  • Traffic accidents account for a large number of fatalities every year.

5. Adv-adj

Extremely beneficial

  • Music is extremely beneficial for a child’s emotional development.

Potentially dangerous

  • Watching TV too much is potentially dangerous for children.

Increasingly popular

  • Social networks such as FB or Twitter are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Highly practical

  • Machines are highly practical for housework.

Fairly reasonable

  • The idea of building ski resorts around mountains is considered fairly reasonable.

Fully comprehensive

  • One of the requirements for encyclopedias is that they have to be fully comprehensive.

Widely applicable/accessible

  • Human life in a region depends on water being widely accessible.

Excessively wasteful

  • Government spending in some countries for the Olympic Games is excessively wasteful.

6. V-adj

Keep fit + stay healthy

  • Exercising regularly will help people keep fit and stay healthy.

Live alone

  • Pets are important for people who live alone.

Go viral

  • With the help of social networks, any moment from one’s life can go viral in a short time.

Remain debatable/questionable

  • Whether same-sex marriage should be legalized remains debatable.

Go bankrupt

  • Economic recession makes a lot of companies go bankrupt.

Appear important

  • Soft skills appear important for job seekers in the competitive labor market today.

Seem unfair

  • It seems unfair when the income of celebrities can far exceed that of researchers or doctors.

Sound reasonable

  • It sounds reasonable that people with inherited wealth should be taxed heavily.

Become popular

  • Frequently changing one’s job has become popular worldwide in recent years.

Prove effective

  • Media campaigns have proven effective in raising brand awareness for companies.