Từ vựng IELTS: Collocation band 7+

Chào mừng các bạn tiếp tục với chùm collocation Theo chủ đề, sau khi đã cày hết 21 collocation quen thuộc.  Chủ đề hôm nay Linh giới thiệu với các bạn cũng cực kỳ thân thuộc và dễ trúng tủ lắm – 5 chùm chủ đề này nằm trong chùm chính là chủ đề PEOPLE nhé các bạn.

Chùm collocations với chủ đề People

Topic 1 –  Family

Vocab Meaning
extended family includes all your relatives – uncles, cousins, great-aunts, etc.
family tree a map to diagram the relationships among your family members.
distant relative A person who is related to you by a long series of connections
loving family or close-knit family  these expressions refer to a family that has good relationships, where everyone loves each other and helps each other.
carefree childhood nothing to worry about when you were young.
dysfunctional family a family in which the relationships are bad or unhealthy
troubled childhood the children experience abuse, poverty, or problems with the law
bitter divorce that means a separation in which there were bad/angry feelings between the husband and wife.
messy divorce  a prolonged legal battle involving lots of conflicts about the separation of the former couple’s assets (money and possessions).
Divorce settlement The decisions about the separation of assets
broken home A family in which there are divorces or separations
custody of the children that refers to who has the primary responsibility of caring for the kids.
grant joint custody  the exhusband and ex-wife share the responsibility
sole custody one parent takes their own respinsibitily
pay child support regular payments to help with expenses for the kids.
mutual divorce/separation the ex-husband and ex-wife agreed to separate without fighting
on good terms with each other to have a polite relationship without conflicts
gets pregnant having a baby
single mother gets pregnant without being married or in a relationship
have an abortion he deliberate ending of a pregnancy at an early stage
give the baby up for adoption.  
due date or baby is due in The time when the baby is planned to arrive
has the baby gives birth to the baby
adoptive parents who will raise the child or bring up the child as if it was their own.
raise the child bring up the child
adopted child
birth mother biological mother


Topic 2 – Relationships

Vocab Meaning
good friends or close friends  friends with whom you have an especially strong relationship.
love at first sight That’s when two people meet each other and immediately fall in love
strong chemistry strong compatibility or connection between two possible romantic partners.
significant other their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife
soul mate two people are destined to be together
have feelings for an indirect way to describe romantic feelings
the feeling is not mutual the other person doesn’t feel the same way
 “he’s/she’s just not my type” be interested in people of a different type of personality/appearance.
unrequited love Love that is not returned
childhood sweetheart or high school/college sweetheart a boyfriend or girlfriend from your childhood, teenage, or college years.
mutual friend one friend that the two people have in common.
make a commitment the man proposes to the woman – he asks her to marry him.
proposes to the woman
happily married the marriage is good
has an affair they have sex with a different person (The expression “have an affair” is typically used only for married couples
cheating on their husband/wife the expression “cheating on” can be used for married couples or for boyfriends/girlfriends.


Topic 3 – Appearance

Vocab Meaning
long, sleek, jet-black hair sleek = smooth and straight, jet-black = perfectly black
pale blue eyes pale = light color
a radiant complexion skin that appears healthy and full of energy.
hourglass figure when a woman has large breasts and hips, but a small waist
slender waist a thin waist
round face  
upturned nose  
bears a striking resemblance to looks extremely similar to a famous singer
unkempt hair messy hair, it appears that the person doesn’t take care of their hair
ruddy complexion reddish skin
deep-set eyes eyes that are far back in the person’s face)
bushy eyebrows big eyebrows with lots of hair
thick mustache huge
shaggy beard a beard with lots of hair
facial hair beard and/or mustache
athletic build body with a lot of muscles
broad shoulders wide shoulders
muscular arms  
trim his beard cut his beard a little shorter
comb his hair  
somewhat attractive more or less beautiful/handsome


Topic 4 – Character & Behavior

Vocab Meaning
had a vivid imagination had a creative and colorful imagination
outgoing personality liked to be friendly and sociable
sense of humor ability to make other people laugh
brutally honest  
hurt my feelings made me sad, upset, or angry
fiercely loyal  
showed her true colors revealed her true personality
played a prank did a trick
bore a grudge continued feeling angry
low selfesteem considered herself inferior
a mean streak a “streak” is a tiny bit of someone’s personality
come out of my shell become less shy
have a thicker skin less sensitive to criticism
speak their minds say exactly what they think, without considering the effects of the words on others
have a tendency  
have a superiority complex consider myself superior to others
swallow my pride stop being arrogant
put others first consider the needs of other people more important than my own


Topic 5 – Feelings

Vocab Meaning
ridiculously excited
blissfully happy  
worried sick very worried
increasingly anxious
 seething with anger ready to explode with anger
visibly disappointed it was obvious that she was disappointed
show her feelings  
bottle up her emotions keep her emotions hidden inside her
terribly sorry  
lost my temper lost control and shown anger
deeply depressed  
emotional wreck a person who is very sad, confused, and upset
 pleasantly surprised
 immensely grateful
overwhelmed with emotion when emotion is so strong that it’s difficult to think or speak

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