IELTS Speaking – Bài nói mẫu: Chủ đề “He said, She said”

Trong môn IELTS Speaking, Gossiping là một trong những chủ đề khó. Chỉ trong vòng 2 phút ngắn ngủi chuẩn bị mà vẫn có thể nghĩ ra được ý trả lời hay đi kèm với các từ vựng ấn tượng để IELTS Speaking được điểm cao thì không phải ai cũng làm được. Vậy hôm nay chúng ta cùng xem thử qua bài mẫu về chủ đề này của một bạn học sinh trong lớp IELTS Speaking của cô nhé. Bài mẫu đi kèm với từ vựng ghi điểm bên dưới, hy vọng các em sẽ không còn “tắt ý” IELTS Speaking mỗi khi “đụng” phải chủ đề này nha.

Sample For IELTS Speaking

There is a motorbike driver near my house. I’ve never asked him about his age, but I guess he’s over 45 by wrinkles around his eyes. He’s stocky, tanned and tattooed on his arm, making him look a little creepy. There are also many he said, she said about him and his poor family.

However, he’s a well-mannered man in my eyes. His daughter, Lan, is my soul-mate. I love the way he beeps cheerful greetings to us and his peers on street every time we see him. I’ve never seen him scowling at anyone. While driving me to my extra class, he told fistful of exciting stories about his foreign customers. As an awakened star-child of the cosmos, I am really hypnotized and addicted to them. He’s not only good-humored but also kind by nature. He usually lends my mom a hand to fix some electrical equipment. Moreover, he is the one keeping our spare key, so he will keep an eye on our house while we’re away.

Sometimes I hear an insult about him, my body contorts in anger. I hate all the gossiping that goes on. It seems to be nothing to him, but people shouldn’t judge a man by his look. If they socialize with him, I’m sure they will appreciate him and treat him with respect.

Vocabulary For IELTS Speaking

Word Definition Collocation Example
He said, she said (n)= gossiping Rumors   It’s hard to believe he said she said before checking the fact.
Beep cheerful greetings Say hello   He beeps cheerful greetings to them at two-second intervals.
As an awakened star – child of the cosmos Cảm giác mới lạ khi lần đầu được trải nghiệm   As an awakened star-child of the cosmos, my heart bursts with love at moments like these.
By nature In character   She’s honest by nature.
Lend a hand Help   He’s ready to lend a hand when I need help.
Spare (a) Dư, thừa + noun (key, time) You should have a spare key in case of emergency.
Keep an eye on = watch over Trông chừng + object I will keep an eye on that boy, who flirting my daughter.
Contort in anger/ indignant Really angry Sb’s body My body started to contort in anger when he blocked my view in the concern.
Socialize with (sb) Communicate with sb in a friendly way   I socialize with many classmates.

Để tiếp tục cho chuyên mục học Speaking qua các bài nói mẫu và vocabulary hay, cô xin giới thiệu cho các em bài viết Speaking IELTS chủ đề Festival nhé, hy vọng các em sẽ học thêm được nhiều kiến thức hay và dần dần cải thiện kỹ năng nói của bản thân nha.

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