Tổng hợp trọn bộ câu hỏi Speaking part 1 (part A)

Học IELTS Speaking mà chỉ lo chăm chăm vào các bộ đề nói IELTS part 2 và part 3 thì không ổn đâu nhé! Part 1 là phần hỏi về những câu hỏi cá nhân của speaking có lẽ bị “bơ” bởi nhiều bạn do nó khá dễ, không cần trả lời dài và phức tạp, tuy nhiên nó vẫn là 1 phần quan trọng do nó thiên về tiếng anh giao tiếp và là phần đầu tiên trong phần thi speaking. Câu hỏi speaking part 1 khá là ngẫu nhiên và khó đoán. Do nó là phần khá dễ nên nếu bạn trả lời không hay hoặc không tốt thì nó sẽ lại ấn tượng xấu cho examiner, càng dễ thì càng phải làm tốt. Vậy nên, chuẩn bị thật kĩ cho nó thì không thừa tý nào? Hôm nay cô cung cấp cho các em trọn bộ các câu hỏi có thể ra trong phần speaking part 1, lưu về và tìm ngay partner để luyện nha

Tổng hợp đề thi Speaking part 1


  1. Have you got or had any nicknames?
  2. How do you like your name?
  3. If you could change your name, what would it be? Why?
  4. What is the most common name in your country?
  5. Why have you chosen to live overseas?
  6. What country do you want to live in?
  7. What were the best years of your life?
  8. What were the worst years of your life?
  9. If you had three wishes, what would they be, and why?
  10. What are your short-term goals?
  11. How do you intend to achieve your goals?
  12. What important goals have you set in the past, and how successful have you been in achieving them?
  13. What do you hope to accomplish within the next ten years? How do you seek to fulfil these goals?
  14. What personal factors do you consider most important in evaluating yourself or your success?
  15. How have your dreams and goals changed through your life?
  16. If you could re-live your last 10 years, what changes would you make?
  17. As you look back on your life, what accomplishments do you take the most pride in?
  18. How would you compare yourself today and yourself with five years ago, in what ways are you the same or different?
  19. How would you feel if you failed to achieve any of your goals?
  20. Tell me about some of your recent goals, and what you did to achieve them?
  21. Describe the most significant success that you had in the last two years.

Daily routines

  1. What is your daily routine like? How do you feel and react when this routine is interrupted for some reason? Would you like to change anything in your daily routine?
  2. If you could, what would you like to change in your daily routine?
  3. How do you usually schedule your time?
  4. How many hours per day do you usually sleep?


  1. Do you live in a nuclear family or an extended family?
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. Have you got any twins brothers/sisters?
  4. How close and warm is your family?
  5. How much do you remember from your grandparents?
  6. How many aunts and uncles do you have? How many first cousins do you have?
  7. Is there anyone in your family who is not related but considered part of the family anyway?
  8. Have you got any members of the family living with you?
  9. How many children do you have/want to have? What hope or fears do you have for them?
  10. Do you have any ‘black sheep’ in your family? (A person who is strongly disapproved)
  11. What do you like best about your family?
  12. How would you describe your relationship with your parents?
  13. Do you think your parents understand you?
  14. How was your relationship with your parents while you were growing up?
  15. Did your mother or father ever tell you what their childhood was like?
  16. How is your relationship with your siblings?
  17. Do you share your personal secrets with your family?
  18. Who do you usually speak to when you have a problem?
  19. How much influence do you have on your family?
  20. Who is the breadwinner in your family?
  21. Who takes the greatest responsibility for bringing up the children in your family?
  22. Who does most of the household chores in your family?
  23. What job do you least enjoy doing in the house?
  24. Do you have any particular rules in your family?
  25. Do you enjoy spending time with your family?
  26. How much time do you usually spend with the members of your family?
  27. How often do you have a family get together?
  28. Have you ever had a big family reunion? On what occasions does your family get together?
  29. Which of your relatives do you spend the most time with?


  1. In general, what are friends for?
  2. Talk about your best friend. How long have you known him/her?
  3. How did you get acquainted with each other?
  4. What makes this friend closer than your other friends?
  5. What do you like best about your friendship?
  6. What are some of the ways your best friend has influenced your life in a positive way?
  7. What are your expectations of your friend?
  8. What qualities help you to have good relationships with your friends?
  9. In what ways are your friends important to you?
  10. What influence do you have over your friends?
  11. How do you choose your friends?
  12. What kind of people do you make friends with?
  13. Are your friends mostly your age or from different ages? (Why?)
  14. Have you got many friends? Are they casual acquaintances or close friends?
  15. Is the time you spend with your friends as much as the time you spend with your family?
  16. Do you usually see your friends during the week or at the weekends?
  17. What kind of things do you and your friends like to do together?
  18. Did your friends ever get you in trouble when you were younger?
  19. Have you remained friends with people from your childhood?
  20. What is your longest friendship that you have had?
  21. What do you do to maintain a friendship?
  22. Talk about a friend you used to have, but now you have lost touch with.
  23. Do you think it is better to have a large group of friends or a few close friends?
  24. Do you have any English speaking friends?
  25. Have you got any long distance friends? How do you keep in touch with your pen pals?


  1. What do you consider to be the most important room in your home?
  2. Does your home have a yard? If yes, what is it like?
  3. Which room do you spend most of your time in?
  4. Do you like the place where you live?
  5. How long have you lived there?
  6. How long do you expect to continue living there?
  7. Where do you think you will be living five years from now?
  8. Describe a (an imaginary) room that you would like to spend time in.


  1. What do you like best about your neighbourhood?
  2. How do you think your neighbourhood could be improved?
  3. How safe is your neighbourhood compared with other areas?
  4. What do you like best about your neighbourhood?
  5. Is there anything that you don’t like about your neighbourhood?
  6. How do you think your neighbourhood could be improved?
  7. Can you describe the neighbourhood you grew up in?


  1. Have you ever been abroad? If yes, how many countries have you been to?
  2. If you could take a holiday anywhere in the world and money weren’t a consideration, where would you go?
  3. How often do you go on holidays? How long do you usually spend on holiday?
  4. What is something you would never travel without?
  5. Who is the person you would most like to go abroad with/ go on holiday with?
  6. How would you overcome your homesickness if you lived abroad?
  7. To you lived abroad, what would you be most nervous about?
  8. Who is the first person you would ca1l or e-mail after arriving somewhere new?
  9. What do you find difficult about travelling?
  10. Where did you spend your last holiday?
  11. Would you feel insecure about travelling alone?
  12. How many foreign countries, (if any) have you been to?
  13. Describe your family’s favourite holiday destination.
  14. Describe your best/worst holiday.
  15. Have you ever been in a difficult situation while travelling?
  16. Would you rather visit foreign countries or travel within your own country?
  17. Talk about the most beautiful place that you have ever been to.
  18. Would you prefer to go to a place where there are a lot of people or to a place where there are few people?
  19. Talk about your favourite holiday resort or picnic spot.
  20. What do you usually do when you are on journey/picnic?


  1. What activities do you like doing in your free time? (What are your interests outside your studies?)
  2. How did you start doing this activity at first? How did you become interested in?
  3. How often do you do this hobby?
  4. Do you need any special equipment for it?
  5. Do you belong to a club or an interest group related to this hobby/activity?
  6. Who do you usually spend your spare time with?
  7. What hobby would you take up if you had more time?
  8. Would you prefer indoor hobbies or outdoor activities?
  9. Is there any kind of entertainment you don’t like?
  10. Do you like leisure activities that require teamwork?
  11. Have you given up anything you used to do in your free time?
  12. What kind of hobbies and talents have you developed, either as a child or as an adult?
  13. What kind of things did you enjoy doing as a kid?
  14. Do you play any games? What games are you good at?
  15. Who are your favourite sporting personalities?
  16. What type of art do you appreciate most?
  17. Do you enjoy watching films?
  18. What is your all-time favourite film?
  19. What is the latest film you have seen?
  20. What are some of the good films you have recently seen?
  21. Arc there any kinds of films you dislike?
  22. What is the scariest film you have ever seen?
  23. What is the funniest film you have ever seen?
  24. Do you like thrillers/science fiction films/horror films/romance films?
  25. Do you usually watch films at home or at the cinema?
  26. Have you ever seen a stage play in a theatre?
  27. What kind of TV programmes do you like watching? Think of documentaries, news, roundtable programmes, reality shows, chat shows, celebrity shows, game shows, soap opera and sitcoms. Why?
  28. Who are your favourite TV personalities?
  29. Give the name of your favourite novel, novelist/ book, author/ film, director/ drama, dramatist/ musical composition, composer/ painting, painter? Why?
  1. Do you follow the latest entertainment news and gossips?
  2. What kind of music do you enjoy most/ least?
  3. Do you like country/ pop/ classical/ traditional music?
  4. What is your all-time favourite song?
  5. When do you usually listen to music?
  6. Can you play a musical instrument? If so, what and how well do you play?
  7. What is your favourite musical instrument?
  8. What arc some good books that you have read?
  9. What sort of things do you like reading? Think of scientific books, textbooks, historical books, novels, myths and legends, cookbooks, romance, news, magazines, tab loids, science fiction, horror and short stories.
  10. What is the best book you have ever read?
  11. What was the last book you read?
  12. Which do you find more interesting, fiction books or non-fiction books?
  13. Do you read newspapers? If so, which sections and how often? Think of sport news, foreign news, home news, reader’s letter, editorial, c1assitied ads, business and money news, reviews and advice columns.
  14. Are you computer literate?
  15. What do you usually use your computer for?
  16. Do you like browsing the internet?


  1. Would you say your hometown is a good place to live in?
  2. How long have you lived there?
  3. What is the population of your hometown?
  4. Is your hometown well-known for something? For example a building or a type of food.
  5. What are the main economic resources in your hometown?
  6. What is the average temperature in your hometown in the summer/ winter?
  7. Does it much rain in your hometown?
  8. What is the high season (the most popular with tourists)/ low season (the least popular with tourists) in your hometown?
  9. Can you describe the main geographical features of your hometown?
  10. What are some things in your hometown that are part of history?
  11. Describe a well-known building in your hometown.
  12. What recreational facilities are available in your hometown?
  13. Tell me about a popular form of public entertainment in your hometown.
  14. Talk about the most crowded area in your city/ town.
  15. Are there any local festivals/ traditions in your hometown?
  16. What is people’s favourite food in the region where you live?
  17. How easy is it to travel around in your city?
  18. What problems, if any, are there with public transport where you live?
  19. Do traffic jams occur in your hometown or the city that you live?
  20. If you could, how would you improve the public transport system of your city?
  21. Is there any environmentally-friendly transport in your country?
  22. Is there anything special that you don’t like about your hometown?
  23. What are the major social problems in your hometown?
  24. What environmental problems do you think are most serious in your city?
  25. What would be the best way for a visitor to get to know your city?
  26. If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would it be?


  1. Which part of your country do most people live in?
  2. Arc there any areas in your country where very few people live?
  3. What is the largest city in your country? What is it famous for?
  4. How has the countryside changed in recent years in your country?
  5. What are popular tourist destinations in your country?
  6. Which area of your country attracts the most number of tourists?
  7. If you had the choice, where would you choose to live in your country?
  8. What difficulties would a foreigner have when he learns your native language?
  9. How would you describe the economy of your country?
  10. What are the main industries in your country?
  11. What currency is used in your country?
  12. What do you think of the health service in your country?
  13. In terms of character, how would you describe the people of your country?
  14. Arc there any customs in your culture that you particularly like?
  15. Arc there any traditions in your culture that you don’t agree with?
  16. Describe a national garment from your country.
  17. Do you have a large number of public holidays in your country?
  18. What is the most popular holiday in your country?
  19. What hobbies and interests are popular in your country?
  20. In your country, what is the most popular hobby amongst people of your generation?
  21. What kinds of music do most people listen in your country?
  22. Is it easy to travel around your country?
  23. How do people in your country usually travel on long journeys?

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