Trúng tủ Speaking với bộ đề quý mới

Hôm nay cô sẽ giới thiệu cho các em bộ đề Speaking mới nhất  nhé! Ở chuyên mục tài liệu Speaking của cô đã có rất nhiều bài giảng liên quan đến từ vựng, tips dành cho bài Speaking IELTS và cả cách thành văn lời nói rồi đúng không? Vậy thì hôm nay, qua các đề thi cô đã tổng hợp này, các em hãy thực hành và đánh giá bản thân đã tiến bộ hơn chưa nha. 

Đề thi IELTS Speaking



  1. Where are you from? Which city are you living in?
  2. Please describe your hometown a little?
  3. How long have you been living there?
  4. What do you like( most) about your hometown?
  5. Is your hometown suitable for children to grow up?
  6. Is there anything that you dislike about your hometown?
  7. Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?
  8. Has your hometown changed much since you were a child?
  9. Are there any changes you would like to make in your hometown?

Topic 2: NAME

  1. Who gave you your name?
  2. Does your name have any particular ( or, special) meaning?
  3. Do you like your name?
  4. In your country, do people feel that their names are very important?
  5. Would you like to change your name?
  6. Is it easy to change your name in your country?
  7. Who usually names babies in your country?
  8. Do you have any special traditions about naming children?
  9. What names are the most common in your hometown?
  10. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

Topic 3: MUSIC

  1. Do you offer to listen to music?
  2. What kinds of music do you like?
  3. What kinds of music are most popular in your country?
  4. When do you listen to music?
  5. Where do you usually listen to music?
  6. Do you like to listen to live music?
  7. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?
  8. Do you like singing?


  1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
  2. What is your favorite room in your home? Why?
  3. Would you change anything about your home? Why / why not?
  4. Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
  5. How is your apartment decorated?
  6. Do you plan to live there for a long time?
  7. Do you have a garden?
  8. Are there many amenities near your home?


  1. Do you work or study?
  2. Why did you choose that job?
  3. Are there lots of English teachers in Ho Chi Minh City?
  4. Do you enjoy your job?
  5. Do you get on well with your co-workers?
  6. What was your first day at work like?
  7. What responsibilities do you have at work?
  8. Would you like to change your job in the future?
  9. What is your typical day like at work?
  10. What would you like to change about your job?

Topic 6: APP

  1. What kinds of apps do you often use?
  2. What kinds of apps would you like to have in the future?
  3. What’s the most popular app in your country?
  4. What was the first app you used?
  5. Do old people in your country like to use apps?

Topic 7: SLEEP

  1. How many hours do you sleep every day?
  2. Is it necessary to take a nap every day?
  3. Do old people sleep a lot? Why?
  4. How to have a good sleep?
  5. Do you like to get up early in the morning?
  6. Can you sleep well if you are in a noisy environment?
  7. How many hours do you sleep at night?
  8. What time do you go to bed?
  9. Do you have a nap during the day?
  10. Do you think sleep is important?


  1. What do you do in your spare time?
  2. What do you do to relax?
  3. How do you usually spend your weekends?
  4. What do you usually do after work or classes?
  5. How much time do you have each week for doing these things?
  6. Why do you like doing these activities?
  7. How did you start doing this activity at first?
  8. Is there some other hobby or sport you would like to try? Why?
  9. How do you spend your time in the evening?
  10. Do you prefer staying at home or going out in the evening?
  11. Do you do this every evening?
  12. What do you like to do on the weekends?
  13. Is there any difference in your life now from when you were a child?
  14. Do you think modern lifestyles give people enough time for leisure?
  15. Do you think people today have more time to relax compared to the past?
  16. What do you think is the importance of leisure time in life?
  17. Do you think old and young people spend their leisure time in the same way?
  18. Do you like to travel on holidays?
  19. If you had a child, what leisure places would you go with your child?


  1. What is the busiest part of the day for you?
  2. What part of your day do you like best?
  3. Do you usually have the same routine every day?.
  4. What is your daily routine?
  5. Have you ever changed your routine?
  6. Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?
  7. What would you like to change in your daily routine?

Topic 10: COLOR

  1. What’s your favourite colour?
  2. Are there any colours you dislike (Why?)
  3. Are colours important to you?
  4. Were colours important to you when you were a child?
  5. Are there any colours that have a special meaning in your country?
  6. What colour would you choose to paint the walls of your room?
  7. Do you think different types of people like different colours?


  1. How often do you use your dictionary?
  2. Do you like a paper dictionary or an electronic dictionary?
  3. What kinds of dictionaries have you used before?
  4. How will dictionaries change in the future?

Topic 12:  SEASON

  1. What’s your favourite season?
  2. What do people in your country like to do in different seasons?
  3. What’s the least favourite season in your country?
  4. What are the differences between different seasons?
  5. What season is good for travelling in your hometown?


  1. Why do you think people volunteer?
  2. Would you like to work as a volunteer?
  3. Have you ever done any voluntary work?
  4. Is volunteering worth the time it take?
  5. What could you do to help if you had no money?
  6. What situations need voluntary workers?
  7. Can you think of different types of voluntary work?
  8. Would you volunteer to help people outside your community?
  9. Have you read a book about voluntary work?
  10. What types of voluntary work would be unpleasant for you?
  11. What benefits other than personal satisfaction could you personally get by

Topic 14: SCHOOL

  1. How old were you when you started school?
  2. How did you get to school each day?
  3. Tell me something about your school?
  4. Did you enjoy it? (Why?/Why not?)
  5. What were some of the most popular activities at primary school?
  6. Have you ever returned to see your old school again?
  7. Are you still in contact with any of the friends you had in primary school?

Topic 15: SWIMMING

  1. Do you like swimming?
  2. Where do (or can) people go swimming in your hometown (or, near your home)?
  3. Is swimming very popular in your country?
  4. Why do many people like swimming?
  5. What do you think are the benefits of swimming (or, the benefits of knowing how to

Topic 16: MEAL/EAT OUT

  1. What kinds of meals do you like?
  2. Do you often have dinner with your family or friends?
  3. When do you usually have dinner?
  4. Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?
  5. And what is your favourite cuisine?

Topic 17: BOAT

  1. Have you ever traveled by boat?
  2. Do you often travel by boat?
  3. Are boat trips popular in your country?
  4. Would you like to have your own boat?
  5. If you had your own boat, what would you do with it?
  6. Where in your country do people most often use/travel by boats?
  7. Do many people in your country own their own boats?

Topic 18: ANIMALS

  1. Do you like animals?.
  2. What’s your favourite animal? Why?
  3. Are people in your country fond of animals?
  4. What kinds of animals as a pet do the people have in your country?
  5. Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?
  6. Do children in your country like animals?
  7. What kind of animals do you think children like?
  8. What was your favourite animal when you were a child?
  9. Did you have any pets when you were a child?
  10. What do you think are the benefits of a child having a pet?
  11. If you have children in the future, will you allow them to keep a pet?


  1. Do you often get bored?
  2. Do you think you get bored more often now than you did when you were a child?
  3. What things do you find boring?

Topic 20: MUSEUMS

  1. Are there any museums in your hometown?
  2. Do you think museums are useful for visitors to your hometown?
  3. Do you often visit a museum?
  4. Did you go to any museums when you were a child?
  5. Do you think museums are important?
  6. Do you think it’s suitable for museums to sell things to visitors?
  7. When was the last time you visited a museum?

Topic 21: COOKING

  1. What are some of the things that you can cook?
  2. Do you like cooking?
  3. How often do you cook?
  4. What dishes are you best at cooking?
  5. Does anyone in your family like to cook?
  6. Do your parents know how to cook?
  7. Do you think that it’s important to know how to cook well?
  8. Who is the best cook you know?
  9. What cooking experience have you had?
  10. Who taught you to cook?
  11. When you were a child, did you ever help your parents to prepare a meal?

Topic 22: FORESTS

  1. Do you like trees?
  2. Are there any important trees in your country?
  3. Is there a forest near your hometown?
  4. Would you like to live in a place that has a lot of trees?
  5. Where can one find trees (or forests) in your country?
  6. Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with few trees?
  7. Did you ever climb a tree when you were a child?
  8. Have you ever planted a tree?
  9. Do you think people should plant more trees?


  1. What types of musical instruments do you like to listen to?
  2. When do you like to listen to music?
  3. Did you learn to play a musical instrument when you were a child?
  4. Do you think all children should learn to play a musical instrument?

Topic 24: HOLIDAYS

  1. Do you like travelling?
  2. What is your favourite holiday?
  3. Are there many tourists visiting your country during that holiday?
  4. What do you often do on holidays?

Topic 25: GIFTS

  1. Do you like to receive gifts? (Why? / Why not?)
  2. What kind of gifts do you like to receive? (Why?)
  3. What gifts did you receive in your childhood?
  4. Do you like giving gifts to people? (Why? / Why not?)
  5. What gifts did you give to others in your childhood?


  1. What was your favorite subject in secondary school?
  2. And which subject did you like the least? (Why?)
  3. Which secondary school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?
  4. What part of your secondary school education did you enjoy the most?
  5. How do you feel about your secondary school?
  6. Why did you choose to attend that particular school?


  1. Do you have any pets?
  2. Do you like animals?
  3. What pet would you want to keep if you could choose one?
  4. How do the rest of your family feel about pets?
  5. Have you ever had a bad experience with an animal?


* Describe a holiday/trip you want to go on in the future
You should say:
– Where this place is
– Who you would like to go with?
– What you would do there?
– Explain why you want to go there?

*Describe your favorite season of the year.
You should say:
– What the weather is like?
– Why you like this season?
– What activities you usually do during it?
– How would different kinds of weather affect people?

*Describe a historic era you are interested in
You should say
– When was this era?
– How did you learn about it?
– What it was famous for?
– Explain why you are interested in this era?

* Describe an important river/lake in your country
You should say:
– What is this place?
– Where is this place?
– Why you like this place?
– And explain what you would like to do there?

*Describe an impressive story you heard from other people
You should say:
– What was this story?
– When did you hear about it?
– Who told you this story?
– And explain why you were impressed by it?

* Describe an interesting event in your school.
You should say
– What was the event?
– When was the event?
– Why was it interesting?
– And explain how you felt about it?

*Describe a public place that you think need improvements.
You should say
– What the place is?
– When you go there?
– What you like and dislike about this public place?

*Describe a situation when you had to be polite
You should say:
– What it was?
– What did you do to be polite?
– Why did you have to be polite?
– And explain how you felt about it afterward?

*Describe a special day out ( a day out which does not cost too much)
You should say
– Where you went on this day out?
– Who you were with?
– What you did?
– And explain why it was special to you?

*Describe a sports person that you admire
You should say:
Who he/she is
What did she/he do?
What do you know about his/her life story?
And explain how much you know about sports?

* Describe a toy that you received when you were a child.
You should say
– What the toy was
– Who gave it to you?
– How you used this?
– And explain how you felt when you got this toy?

*Describe an experience when you were late for an event.
You should say:
– When did this happen?
– Why you were late?
– What were the consequences?
– And explain what you felt afterwards?

* Describe a piece of technology you like using except a computer
You should say
– What is this technology?
– How did you learn about it?
– How often do you use it?
– And explain what differences it brings to your life?

* Describe a person you know
You should say:
– Who this person is
– How long you have known each other?
– How you got to know him/her?
– Explain how you feel about this person?

* Describe an idea of vacation away from home
You should say:
– Where you will go
– Who will go with you
– When you will go
– And what you will do there

* Describe a building you like
You should say:
– Where it is?
– What it is used for?
– What it looks like?
– And explain why you like it?

* Describe a trip by public transport
You should say:
– What the transport is?
– Where you went?
– Why you chose this form of transportation?
– How you felt about it?

* Describe something that can help you concentrate on work/study
You should say:
– What it is?
– How it helps you?
– What you think about it?

* Describe your favorite song
You should say:
What this song is about?
When you listened to this song for the first time?
How often you listen to this song?
And explain why you think it is your favorite?

* Describe someone who is very professional.
You should say:
Who this person is?
What this person does?
How you know this person?
Explain why this person is professional?

* Describe a recent development in your city.
– What is this development?
– How could it help people?
– What benefits it could bring?
– And explain whether it changes your life or not?

* Describe a visitor in your home
You should say:
– Who was this visitor?
– When did he/she visit your home?
– Why did he/she come to visit?
– Explain whether you like him/her or not?

* Describe an unforgettable dinner
– When was the dinner?
– Where was the dinner?
– Who did you dine with?
– Explain why is it unforgettable?

* Describe a time you spent with your friend in your childhood
You should say:
Who this friend was?
How you knew each other?
Explain why you remember this time?

* Describe a time when you received your first cellphone
You should say:
– When it was?
– Where you were?
– Who gave you the cellphone?
– What it was like?
– How you felt about it?

* Describe a time that you had to change your plan/ changed your mind
You should say:
– When this happened?
– What made you change the plan?
– What the new plan was?
– How you felt about the change?

* Describe clothes you wear on special occasions
You should say:
– What they are?
– Where you buy them?
– Why you wear them?
– And what people think about them?

*Describe a popular comic actor/ actress you know
You should say:
– Who he/she is?
– How you knew him/ her?
– What comedies he/she has performed?
– Explain why he/she is popular?

* Describe a TV program (TV Series) you have watched
You should say
– what kind of TV program it was, e.g. comedy, romantic?
– when you saw the TV program?
– what the TV program was about?

* Describe a sport that you like to watch. You should say:
– What sport it is?
– Where and when you first watched it?
– Who you watched it with?
– Explain why you like it?

*Describe an experience when you taught someone to do something new
You should say
– When and where it happened?
– Whom you taught?
– What you taught him/her?
– How that person felt about it?

*Describe an interesting subject that you learned at school
You should say:
– What the subject was?
– What your teacher was like?
– How long you studied this subject?
– Explain it was interesting to you?

*Describe an interesting job that you want to have in the future
You should say:
-What it is?
-How you might find this job?
-What qualities it requires?
-Explain why it is a well-paid job?
-Why you think you will be good at it?

* Describe something you own that you want to replace
You should say:
– What it is?
– When you had it and how you got it?
– And explain why you want to replace it?

*Describe a time you were shopping in a street market
You should say:
– When it was?
– Where it was?
– What you bought?
– How you felt about the shopping experience?

*Describe a place in your city you want to go to
You should say
– Where the place is?
– How you know this place?
– What you do there?
– And explain why you think it is a good place for reading and writing?

* Describe something you learned in a place/ from a person
You should say:
– What it was that you learned?
– When this happened?
– Where it was/ Who taught you?
– How difficult it was to learn?

*Describe something special that you saved money to buy
You should say:
– What this thing was?
– Why it was special to you?
– How much it cost you?
– Explain how you felt after you bought it?

* Describe a piece of furniture in your room.
– What is it?
– What material is?
– Who bought it?
– How you feel about it?

*Describe a competition (talent show, etc) you would like to take part in
You should say:
– What the competition is
– Where you can take part in it
– Who won it before
– And what you think about it

*Describe someone who is talkative
You should say:
– Who this person is?
– How you know this person?
– What this person likes to talk about?

*Describe a website you like to visit
You should say:
– When you found it?
– What it is about?
– How often you visit it?
– Why you like this website?

* Describe a city or country where you want to live the most in the future
You should say:
– What it is?
– Where it is located?
– Why you would like to live there?

* Describe something interesting that your friend has done but you haven’t done
You should say:
– What it is?
– When your friend did it?
– Explain why you want to do it?

*Describe some useful skills you learned in a math class from your primary/ high
You should say:
– What the skills were?
– How you learned them?
– Who taught you?
– Why they were useful to you?

* Describe something important that you lost
You should say:
– What it was?
– Why it was important?
– How you lost it?
– What you did after you lost it?

*Describe a party that you went to
You should say:
– When it took place?
– Where it was?
– Whose party it was?
– What you did there?
– How you felt about the party?

* Describe a photo you have taken
You should say:
– Where you took it?
– When you took the photo?
– What/ who is in this photo?
– Explain how you felt about it?

*Describe an interesting animal
You should say:
– What it looks like?
– When you saw/ knew about it for the first time?
– Where it lives?
– Explain why it is interesting?

*Describe a famous person that you are interested in
You should say:
– Who this person is?
– How you know about this person?
– What this person is famous for?
– Explain why you are interested in this person?

* Describe a magazine you enjoy reading?
You should say:
– What it is?
– How often you read it?
– What you learn from it?
– Why you like it?






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