Cụm giới từ với “In” cực xịn





  • in a (good/bad) mood    

E.gI’m not in a good mood today so leave me alone, please.

  • in a hurry            

E.gI can’t talk right now as I’m in a hurry.

  • in a mess            

E.gThe whole house is in a mess. We need to tidy it today.

  • in a way               

E.gCan money buy happiness? In a way, I think so.

  • in action              

E.gI went to Camp Nou to see Lionel Messi in action last week.

  • in addition (to)  

E.gIn addition to feeling tired, I felt a bit sick.

  • in advance (of)  

E.gIt’s a busy restaurant so we should book a table in advance.

  • in agreement with          

E.gI’m in agreement with many of the views of my classmates.

  • in any case         

E.g. I don’t want to go and in any case, I wasn’t invited.

  • in brief  

E.g. The interview was, in brief, a complete disaster.

  • in case (+ clause)             

E.gTake an umbrella in case it rains.

  • in case of (+ noun)         

E.gIn case of emergency, dial 911.

  • in cash  

E.gI’d prefer to pay in cash, if you don’t mind.

  • in charge of        

E.gOur president is too incompetent to be in charge of the economy.

  • in common (with)           

E.gI have a lot of in common with my best friend.

  • in comparison with          

E.gThe weather in Scotland is awful in comparison with Italy.

  • in conclusion     

E.gIn conclusion, I believe we should do more to help the poor.

  • in confidence    

E.g. I told you that story in confidence but you told everyone.

  • in control (of)    

E.gHe’s not in control of his emotions so he gets upset very easily.

  • in danger (of)    

E.gIf you don’t change your diet, you’re in danger of being very ill.

  • in debt  

E.gHe’s in debt, which means he owes money to the bank.

  • in detail               

E.gShe described what had happened to her in detail.

  • in difficulty         

E.gIf you’re in difficulty, I’m happy to give you a helping hand.

  • in disguise          

E.gCelebrities often go out in disguise in order to avoid paparazzi.

  • in doubt              

E.gThe festival is in doubt on account of the huge storm.

  • in exchange for

E.g. I washed my father’s car in exchange for some pocket money.

  • in fact   

E.gI don’t feel tired at all. In fact, I’m full of energy.

  • in fashion           

E.gBeards were in fashion last year but they’re out of fashion now.

  • in front of           

E.gThere’s a bus stop right in front of my house, which is handy.

  • in future             

E.gI’m not angry but in future, text me if you’re going to be late.

  • in general           

E.gIn general, I think that people in Ireland are very friendly.

  • in good/bad  condition  

E.gMy car is in really bad condition so I need to get it repaired.

  • in ink/pencil      

E.gIt’s better to write in pencil so that you can correct it later.

  • in love (with)    

E.gI fell in love with her the moment I met her.

  • in moderation  

E.gI eat meat in moderation as I think too much is bad for you.

  • in no time           

E.gStudy every day and your level of English will improve in no time.

  • in one’s free time           

E.gI enjoy hanging out with friends in my free time.

  • in other words  

E.gI haven’t got a penny to my name this month. In other words, I’m broke.

  • in pain  

E.gThe vet decided to put down the animal as it was in a lot of pain.

  • in particular       

E.gI enjoyed my trip to London; in particular, I loved Camden Town.

  • in person            

E.gI’ve spoken to him on facebook but never met him in person.

  • in practice/theory           

E.gIn theory, summers should be warm and sunny but it never happens here.

  • in prison/jail      

E.gThere’s not a single corrupt politician in prison, which is simply wrong.

  • in private/public              

E.gI have to speak to you in private. Do you have a minute?

  • in return             

E.gI teach her English and she teaches me Spanish in return.

  • in somebody’s interest  

E.gIt’s in your best interest to do a bit of exercise every day.

  • in somebody’s opinion  

E.gIn my opinion, Florence is the most beautiful city in the world.

  • in season            

E.gI try to buy vegetables and fruits that are in season.

  • in secret              

E.gI told you that story in secret and you told half of the world!

  • in self-defence

E.gThe defendant claimed he had been acting in self-defence.

  • in some respects             

E.gIn some respects, I had been expecting Brexit but I’m still surprised.

  • in stock                

E.g. I wanted to buy the jacket but the shop didn’t have my size in stock.

  • in summer/winter          

E.gThere’s nothing better than going to the beach in summer.

  • in tears

E.gHe insulted her appearance and she left the party in tears.

  • in the air             

E.gThere was a feeling of tension in the air when he entered the room.

  • in the beginning              

E.g. It was hard in the beginning but I soon adapted to life in Ireland.

  • in the dark         

E.gShe hasn’t told me anything. I’m in the dark about her decision.

  • in the end          

E.g. In the end, family and friends are the most important people in life.

  • in the habit of    

E.gI’m in the habit of waking up early and going for a run.

  • in the meantime              

E.gThe film starts at 19:00. In the meantime, let’s have some dinner.

  • in the mood for                

E.g. I’m not in the mood for English class now. I’d prefer to watch a movie.

  • in the mountains              

E.g.Do you like spending time in the mountains or do you prefer the sea?

  • in the news      

E.gSilly celebrities are often in the news in my country. It’s a shame.

  • in the nude        

E.gStop walking around the flat in the nude – the neighbours can see you.

  • in time  

E.g. I left my house early and arrived in time to have a coffee before work.

  • in touch               

E.g. I’m not in touch with him any longer. We lost contact a few years ago.

  • in town

E.g. I’ll give you a call if I’m in town next week. It would be nice to catch up.

  • in two/half          

E.g. I broke the chocolate bar in two and gave one half to my nephew.

  • in vain  

E.g. I tried to convince her to go out but all of my efforts were in vain.