Giải đề Speaking theo Chủ Đề

Hôm nay, cô sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn các cách giải đề thi IELTS Speaking theo các cụm chủ đề phổ biến hiện nay các bạn nhé. Bài viết này sẽ phác họa cơ bản và dự đoán đề thi IELTS Speaking thông qua các câu hỏi liên quan theo từng chủ đề và từ đó các bạn sẽ hình dung được phần nào mình cần chuẩn bị gì cho kì thi Speaking sắp đến và kèm theo các Ideas IELTS Speaking “chất lượng”  cho những chủ đề là các từ vựng cực kì chất. Hy vọng các em sẽ áp dụng tốt để đạt được điểm cao nhé.

Tổng hợp những từ vựng academic cho IELTS Speaking

Lượng từ vựng rất phong phú trong 7 chủ đề thông dụng trong các bài thi:


  1. How would you describe yourself?
    Everyone tells me I take after my mother as I’m quite laid-back … Honestly, I think I’m good company but you should ask my friends if they agree.
    laid-back: dễ chịu
    good company: hòa đồng
    to take after:  giống
  2. In which ways are you similar to your friends?
    I seem to be attracted to introverts …, not people who are painfully shy but most of my friends are a little reserved … and I think that’s what I’m like.
    introvert: hướng nội
    painfully shy: ngại ngùng
    reserved: kín đáo
  3. Are you similar or different to your brother(s)/sister(s)?
    The main thing I would like to mention is my brother and I are very similar … I’d say we’re fun-loving and tend to be a bit extroverted … my brother is certainly the life and soul of the party … I’m not sure that applies to me
    fun-loving: vui vẻ
    extrovert: hướng ngoại
    to be the life and soul of the party: trung tâm của bữa tiệc

Physical Appearance

  1. Do you look like any other people in your family?
    No … not at all … take my brother for example … he has short cropped hair and has quite a pointed face … he’s also quite
    fair-skinned compared to me …
    cropped hair: very short hair: tóc ngắn
    pointed face: mặt góc cạnh
  2. What does your best friend look like?
    She’s the same age as me … she has shoulder-length hair … fair hair … she has a slender figure and is medium height …
    shoulder-length hair: tóc tới vai
    fair hair: tóc màu sáng
    slender figure: ngón tay thon dài


  1. Do you see your friends very often?
    Yes … we meet up most weekends … we all get on really well and have a lot in common so we’re always happy doing the same things and going to the same places.
    to get on well with: thấu hiểu lẫn nhau
    to have a lot in common: có nhiều sở thích chung
  2. What do you like about your close friends?
    I think we enjoy each other’s company … we see eye-to-eye on most things so we rarely fall out with each other.
    to enjoy someone’s company: dành thời gian cho nhau
    to see eye to eye: đồng ý một vấn đề gì đó
    to fall out with: dừng làm bạn
  3. Have you known each other long?
    Most of them yes … although my closest friend Carrie … we struck up a relationship at college and got on like a house on fire … but yes … my other friendships go back years to when we were at school.
    to strike up a relationship:  bắt đầu làm bạn
    to get on like a house on fire: mối quan hệ khăng khít
    to go back years: quen biết thời gian dài


  1. Do you like playing sports?
    Well, to be honest, playing sports is my cup of tea, but I would probably have to say that I enjoy badminton the most. It not only releases stress and refreshes my mind, but it also gives me a sense of solidarity with  my friends
    sense of solidarity with (cảm giác đoàn kết với)
  2. How often do you play sports?
    Well, I would have to say that it really depends on the situation. For example, if I have time, then it is quite possible that I will go swimming on a daily basis. You know, this sport improves my health and gets me into shape. Whereasif I don’t have much time, it’s more likely that I will skip rope (nhảy dây) in my room twice times a week.
    on a daily basis: mỗi ngày
    skip rope: nhảy dây


  1.  What do you do?
    do a nine-to-five job with a friend in a boutique. I like working with customers. Unfortunately, it’s only temporary work but one of the perks of the job is I get a discount on the clothes.
    a nine-to-five job: công việc 8 tiếng 1 ngày
    temporary work: công việc tạm thời
    one of the perks of the job: những giá trị khác từ công việc.
  2. Do you have any career plans yet?
    Yes. I’d like to be my own boss one day. I’m interested in programming and I’d like to create apps for myself or for other companies. I know being self-employed would be a challenge but the idea of doing a nine-to-five job doesn’t appeal to me at all …
    a nine-to-five job: công việc 8 tiếng 1 ngày
    self-employed: tự làm chủ
    be my own boss : tự làm chủ
  3. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
    I’d hope to be working, not a high-powered job, but I’m quite a creative person so something where I can work with my hands would be nice … as long as I’m not stuck behind a desk doing something boring in a dead-end job I’ll be happy …
    a high-powered job: công việc quyền lực
    work with my hands: công việc tay chân
    stuck behind a desk: mắc kẹt trong công việc bàn giấy buồn chán
    dead-end job: công việc không có cơ hội thăng tiến.


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