Trọn bộ cách diễn đạt, từ vựng và phrases cho Writing Task 1

Đối với writing task 1 trong IELTS, cô nghĩ rất nhiều còn khá lúng túng với câu từ và cách diễn đạt nội dung cho chính xác và hợp lý nhất. Vì vậy, cô giới thiệu cho các em Trọn bộ các diễn đạt, từ vựng và phrases cho Writing task 1.
Chúc các em học tốt với tài liệu bổ ích này nhé!

Kiến thức cần có dành cho Writing task 1


From the …. it is clear that …
As can be seen from the … that …
As is shown by the … that …
As is illustrated by the … that …
The … below shows/indicates/illustrates/reveals/represents the number/data of …

2.Time expressions:

Time Expression
In 1980/the 21st century/ the first three months of the year,… During the first three months… From 1980 to 1990, from 1950 until 1960,… Between 1980 and 1990
Before 1960, the number remains the same, but after 1960, it soared to the highest point of … In the period from… to … In the period between …and… Over the period …to
Over the next years/ decades/ quarter of a century Over a ten year period Throughout the 19th century Around / about l960,..
By the early/late 20th century At the end of the last century Since the 19th century …from that time on…
…after that…

3. Quantities and measurements

With countable nouns With uncountable nouns
The amount of
The quantity of
The number of (plural nouns)
All of the
A lot of
The amount of
The quantity of
The whole of the
A great deal of
A lot of


  • Range, rate, extent, scale, percent, percentage, level, proportion, degree, ratio.Measurements:
  • Length, weight, distance, height, altitude, area, volume, size, frequency, duration.

Related verbs: be, makeup, consist of, constitute, comprise, amount to, equal, account for, represent, include, record, reach, stand at, become.

 4. Contrast and Similarity:

Similarly, likewise, equally, in the same way, the same, in a similar way, both…. and…., as well as, not only… but also, also, too, like x, y, …. as…. as…., just as x, y…, just as x, soy….

But, while, in contrast to, however, whereas, by contrast, nevertheless, although, instead of, yet, even though, apart from, on the other hand, as opposed to, except for, unlike.

Verbs Adjectives Nouns
compare (with / to)

contrast (with)

differ (from)

differentiate (between)

distinguish (between)


vary (from/between)

change (from/to)

compared (with/to)


different (from)

distinct (from)

as distinct from


the same as

similar (to)



in comparison with


in contrast to

difference (between)

distinction (between)

resemblance (to/with)

similarity (with)

variation (between)

change (from)

5.Verbs and nouns to describe change:

Increase, go up, rise, grow, expand, double, multiply, jump, climb, gain, raise, accelerate, develop, escalate, ascend, soar, boom.
Decrease, go down, fall, drop, decline, reduce, shrink, lessen, lower, contract, slow down, deplete, diminish, level off, collapse, plummet, plunge, slump,
Remain/unchanged/steady/stable/constant, stay the same, maintain the same, no change in, stay constant at, level out at, on a level with/at.
Fluctuate, vary.

Increase, acceleration, development, doubling, expansion, gain, growth, rise, jump, rise, ascent, soar, upward trend, swell.
Decrease, decline, depletion, diminishing, drop, fall, lessening, lowering, downturn, collapse, reduction, slide, downward trend, slump.

Phrases: peak at, reach a peak of, stand at, hit a peak at, arrive at a climax, reach a maximum number of, soar/rock to the highest point of, reach a plateau at, fluctuate around, hit a historic low, touch/rock/reach the bottom of.

6.Adjectives and adverbials.

Amount: small, slight, limited, marginal, minor, partial, restricted, large, great, substantial, enormous, extensive, extreme, major, numerous, vast, widespread.
Emphasis: considerable, dramatic, major, marked, notable, noticeable, sharp, significant, striking, strong, substantial, insignificant, minor, slight, consistent, moderate.
Time: slow, gentle, gradual, steady, constant, fluctuating, rapid, fast, sudden, quick.

Hardly, barely, scarcely, a little, slightly, somewhat, marginally, moderately, partly, relatively, significantly, considerably, substantially, particularly, exceptionally, remarkably, dramatically, enormously, a great deal, very much, slowly, steadily, gradually, quickly, rapidly, suddenly, sharply, strongly, obviously, steeply, noticeably, markedly, considerably, remarkably, dramatically, strikingly.

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