Speaking không lo với 300 Phrasal Verbs

Sử dụng những từ đơn giản sẽ không được đánh giá cao trong mắt Examiner. Chính vì thế, hôm nay Cô muốn chia sẻ list danh sách các Phrasal Verbs khủng “ăn đứt” điểm IELTS nhé! Nếu một ngày đẹp trời nào đó mà phát hiện bản thân Speaking như bản địa nhờ vào các phrasal verbs này thì cũng đừng qua ngạc nhiên nha!

Tổng hợp phrasal verb cho IELTS Speaking

Tổng hợp các phrasal verb và giải thích nghĩa đơn giản, dễ hiểu bằng tiếng anh

Phrasal Verb Meaning
Abide by Accept or follow a decision or rule.
Account for To explain.
Ache for Want something or someone a lot
Act on To take action because of something like information received.
Act on Affect.
Act out Perform something with actions and gestures.
Act out Express an emotion in your behaviour.
Act up Behave badly or strangely.
Act upon To take action because of something like information received.
Act upon Affect.
Add on Include in a calculation.
Add up To make a mathematical total.
Add up Be a satisfactory explanation for something.
Add up to Have a certain result.
Add up to Come to a certain amount or figure.
Agree with Affect- usually used in the negative to  show that something has had a negative  effect, especially is it makes you feel bad.
Aim at To target.
Aim at Intend to achieve.
Allow for Include something in a plan or calculation
Allow of Make possible, permit.
Angle for Try to get something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting.
Answer To reply rudely to someone in authority
Call for Go to collect something.
Call for  Telephone for something.
Call for Go and collect someone to take them out.
Figure out Find the answer to a problem.
File away Put a document in the correct place for  storage in a filing system.
File for Apply for something legally, like divorce  or bankruptcy.
Fill in Complete a form.
Finish off Kill a person or animal, often when they  have already been hurt.
Finish off  Beat, make victory certain in sport.
Finish off Consume all.
Finish up Finally get somewhere, usually without  planning to go there.
Finish up  with Have or do something at the end or as the  last of something.
Fire away Ask questions.
Fire off Send quickly, angrily or many (letter,  emails, etc).
Fire off Shoot, fire a gun (usually repeatedly).
Fire up Excite, become excited.
Firm up Make things clearer in a negotiation or  discussion.
Firm up Exercise to make muscles harder and  remove fat.
Fish for Try to get some information or to get  someone to say something.
Fish out Remove something from a bag, pocket,  etc.
Fish out Remove from water, such as the sea,  rivers, etc.
Fit in with Occur or happen in a way that shows that  plans or ideas have not changed.
Fit into  Become part of.
Fit out Provide with necessary equipment.
Flick through Look through something quickly.
Flip off Extend your middle finger as a gesture of  contempt.
Flip out Become very excited and lose control.
Fluff out Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with  air.
Fluff up Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with  air.
Fob off Make or persuade someone to accept  something.
Fob off Lie or deceive someone.
Fob off on Make or persuade someone to accept  something you don’t want.
Follow up Do something to check or improve an  earlier action.
Follow up Find out about a problem and act.
Free up Make money or time available by not  using it elsewhere.
Free up Do work or a task for someone to make  them available for something.
Freeze out Shut out or exclude by unfriendly  treatment.
Freeze out Force to retire or withdraw from  membership, a job, etc.
Freeze over Become covered with ice (lake, river,  pond, etc).
Freeze up Be blocked with ice.
Freeze up Stop working because the parts of a  machine won’t move.
Freshen up Wash quickly and improve appearance.
Freshen up Add more alcohol to a glass before it is  empty.
Freshen up Quickly improve the appearance of  something.
Gear  towards Organise or arrange something for a  particular purpose, audience, etc.
Gear up Get ready for a busy period.
Get along  Have a good relationship.
Get along  Leave. 
Get along  Progess.
Get away Move, leave somewhere.
Get away  from Go somewhere different or do something  different.
Get away  from Start to talk about something that is not  relevant to the discussion.
Get away  with Not get caught, criticised or punished for  doing something wrong.
Get away  with Achieve something, despite not doing it  correctly or properly.
Get away! An expression of disbelief.
Get back at Take revenge.
Get back  into Start doing something after stopping for  some time.
Get back  into Find a new enthusiasm for something.
Get into Become involved or interested.
Get into Become involved in something bad or  criminal.
Get into Be accepted or admitted.
Get into Become or be accepted as a member.
Get it on Become interested or excited.
Get it on  Have sex.
Get it on  with Have sex with.
Get on Enter a bus, train, plane, etc..
Get on Make progress, deal with something with  a reasonable degree of success.
Get on Have a good relationship.
Get on Become old, age.
Get on Be late or near an arranged time.  Wear, fit.
Get onto Start discussing a topic.
Get onto Be elected, appointed. 
Get onto Contact someone because you need or  want them to do something.
Get onto Enter a plane, train, etc.
Get onto Appear on the radio or TV.

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